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Caleb & Lilliana Davis Newsletter (Spring 2021)

Dear Friends and Family,

We are so incredibly grateful for all of the support we have received these past few months. As you read from our last update in January, we were in the process of fundraising to purchase a car and it is with great gratitude that we tell you we were able to purchase a vehicle! Through a lot of prayer and searching, the Lord led us to a 2007 Toyota 4Runner. We are so thankful for your continued prayers and support through this process; we couldn’t have done this without you!

The Mud Run

These past few months the staff at the Florida headquarters have been preparing for the 5K Mud Run! The Mud Run treks through some of the muddiest and most dense parts of Teen Missions property and has over 30 obstacles to go through. The Land Crew Department has been busy building the different obstacles and getting the trail cleared for the run. We had a total of 665 people involved which included over 30 walk-ins on registration day! All the proceeds go to help communities in need of medical supplies and material relief all around the world. I worked the registration desk, making sure every runner was checked in and Caleb worked one of the obstacles. It was a busy day filled with lots of fun and excitement!  

Busy Bees in Ministry

Praise the Lord we are able to run our 2021 summer program! The administration is hard at work to ensure that every team member, leader and staff members’ health and safety remain the number one priority. Everyone is eager for the teens to arrive and the summer to get rolling, but in the meantime a LOT of preparation is taking place for it all to come together.

Lately Caleb’s job has consisted of working on the pool to ensure that it is ready for when the teens arrive, helping to get tents ready to be set up, working on some of their heavy equipment and vehicles, and completing odds and ends jobs in preparation for the Mud Run. He has also had the opportunity to work on an old road roller compact that hasn’t been run in over 5 years! He enjoyed the task of seeing what was wrong with it and getting it running again. 

In March, the staff came together to complete a big project: tarring the Big Top Pad! By completing this, we are hoping that it will protect the new Big Top tent from getting rips and tears from the asphalt. These past few months the Finance Department has been buzzing with activity! I (Lilliana) have been learning our Quickbooks system, inputting money into our database for staff and team members, as well as writing some posts for our Instagram page. Teen Missions ran the children and teen program for Teach Them Diligently (TTD) homeschool conferences this spring. In March I had the privilege of attending one and helping in the 6 & 7 year old classroom. It was a whirlwind of busyness, but I absolutely loved working with the kids! Being in a classroom setting reminded me of my time interning at a preschool for college which brought back a lot of sweet memories. I absolutely adore the curiosity and excitement these little ones have for the world and the Gospel!

Life Lately and a Health Update

So what has life consisted of these past couple of months for Caleb and me? I attended a Women’s Bible Study through my church, which was such a blessing to be a part of! Caleb and I have enjoyed taking walks and going to the local zoo as well. In February Caleb and I attended a conference through our church, whose main theme was Community: The Gospel on Display. The different speakers taught on the importance of relationships as we walk with Christ. It was so wonderful to step away from the everyday schedule of life and take time to learn about that, as well as get to know some people from our church better! So many good nuggets of truth from those couple of days. We have also been helping at the local therapy barn we talked about in our last newsletter. Caleb and I feed their horses every Saturday morning and previously helped to clear some pasture land for their horses to graze. I used to volunteer there a couple of days a week for about 8½ years while I was going through school; I was also very involved in helping with their riding program. Their ministry is incredible and it’s something that Caleb and I are thankful to be a part of!  In April, Caleb and I were diagnosed with Mono which is a virus that is similar to the flu except without the congestion and head cold. We have been recovering well, praise the Lord! Mostly, we’ve just experienced a lot of fatigue and loss of appetite, but we are praying that we will be back to normal by Boot Camp.

Support Raising & Visiting Supporters

Caleb and I are so incredibly grateful for each and every one of our supporters. YOU make it possible to be a part of this ministry! As of right now we are about halfway from meeting our monthly goal for financial support, praise the Lord! We are looking for 30 people who would be willing to donate $50.00 a month so we can meet our monthly income goal. If you’re interested in supporting us financially or prayerfully, please feel free to reach out to us personally or fill out the coupon below.

Any amount of financial support helps!

With that being said, deputation is coming up this fall and we are getting more and more eager to meet with our supporters face to face! Deputation is a time where we get to travel and talk to our supporters, speak about our ministry, and share about what the Lord has been doing. We will be traveling up the east coast this year, stopping in a few different states to speak at churches, meet with supporters, and visit family members. We will keep you informed of which states we will be visiting and the dates we will be there. If you’re interested in getting together with us please let us know, we would love to chat with you, pray with you, and get to know you! 

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter! 

Much Love,

Caleb and Lilliana Davis

I Corinthians 13:4-7