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Gabe & Hannah Akiki Newsletter (Fall 2020)

Dear Family & Friends,

This summer has looked a lot different than most summers for everyone.  For us it meant no summer teams, but just because we didn’t go on a summer team doesn’t mean we did not have an eventful summer.  As many of you know when the school shut down for a term and the summer teams were canceled, Gabe moved back up to Tennessee to work and I stayed here.  He worked for a roofer so thankfully their work was not affected by coronavirus.  He was able to save enough money that we were able to buy a van since my car was dying on me and he had sold his car before coming down to school.  That was a huge blessing which the Lord worked out for us.

I, on the other hand, continued to work here in Florida.  The conference center had to shut down for a time due to coronavirus  so I worked a lot more in the Personnel office helping with whatever was needed. We opened the Retreat Center back up in June, following the Health departments new guidelines. We were able to host a couple of retreats this summer which were a lot of fun! It is really cool getting to interact with so many different groups and just all the diversity we have even among fellow believers. 

We got married!

At the beginning of August I went home for deputation and we went straight into wedding mode.  Thankfully my mother and sister Grace had dealt with and gotten most of the wedding planning done for me.  It was a huge blessing since I had been in Florida and not home to help. 

On August 22nd. at 10:30am, we got married!  The wedding was beautiful and more than I could have dreamed of.  We had gotten a little scared back in March thinking that we would not be able to have a wedding at all, but Coronavirus didn’t stop us!  We did have to make some adjustments due to the new social distancing laws, but in the end it was a beautiful day and we left married and that is the important part! 

 We are so grateful for everyone that was able to make it and to everyone who helped out. We could not have done it without you all. We had a couple ladies from my home church that did the flowers and decorations along with my family. 

Teen Missions family was so helpful as well! We also had one of the most amazing photographers who we would recommend to anyone! 

Back in Florida

We are back in Florida now.  Gabe has started classes back up and I have started working.  I have already had the first retreat of the fall season and many more inquiries about available dates!  Gabe is loving being back in classes and soaking up all the knowledge that the teachers have.  We are living in a temporary home as we work on some final touches on our new one.  I can’t wait to get it finished and to settle in and make the place our own! 

Teen Missions staff have been working hard on replacing floors and fixing sections on the ceiling as well as putting in lights and fans. We are so blessed.  All that we have to do is paint a couple of rooms and we will be all set! 

Teen Missions

Though our main U.S. ministry was cancelled this year, we were still able to connect with some teens through a program we launched called #MissionHere. Kids who were signed up to go on a team in 2020 were encouraged to join the program where we equipped them with evangelism resource packets to minister in their own communities. #MissionHere participants had several Zoom meetings where they were able to still receive missionary training and discipleship. We had almost 100 teens who participated!

At our overseas bases, Teen Missions has been able to serve in their communities as well. In India, the base is giving away food and helping with relief efforts. In Honduras, the government provided food and our staff helped to distribute it,
gaining several opportunities to pray with people. In the Philippines, the government asked our Circuit Riders to go out into villages to encourage children and adults. They provided them with special IDs to make it through traveling checkpoints. COVID-19 may have changed some things, but God is still using Teen Missions in big ways!

We are also very hopeful and expectant for summer 2021 teams. We already have over 170 teens and leaders registered!

We are looking for more prayer partners as well as financial partners.

 We are only at about one fourth of our support.  If you are interested in partnering with us, or if you just have questions for us, we would love to talk with you. Feel free to email or call us. My email is [email protected]  Gabe’s email is [email protected] and our cell number’s are Hannah’s (404) 326-8627, Gabe’s (931) 412-3252. 

Help us name our newsletter!

This is our first newsletter together, so we are asking for your help! We are looking for a heading for our newsletter like “Myers Moments” or “Petersen Post” that would be at the top of our letter each time we do it. “Akiki…..” If you have a suggestion, send us and email or text. We will chose one and use it starting in our next letter!

Thank you! 

We just want to say thank you so much for all of your continued prayers and support. They mean so much to us.  We have definitely felt them through these unusual times and we are very grateful! Thank you! We pray that the Lord blesses you and keeps you safe.


~Hannah & Gabe Akiki