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Tanner & Anna Besosa Newsletter (Fall 2020)

Greetings from Florida!

We are so grateful for the opportunity to share with you all of the things that the Lord has been doing over the last few months here at Teen Missions. 

Although times are still uncertain, we are so blessed to serve a God Who is so faithful! We are seeing all around us people in desperate need of hope. If we can encourage you in anything through this update, please share the hope that Jesus has given you with those around you today. Praise the Lord for His promises and that our joy is not based in our circumstances but in His Word. 

The past few months at the TMI Headquarters have really felt like a reset. This is the first time in 50 years (TMI was founded in 1970) that we have not had our summer teams. Since that decision was made in the spring, the TMI Staff have been busy working on projects that often we felt we never had time for. Files dating back to 1970 have been scanned into our database, storage rooms have been gone through and organized, several offices have been remodeled, etc. Typically this time of year we have just returned from visiting churches and friends and we have more work than we can handle! This year the Lord has blessed us with a smooth Fall transition, although we are so looking forward to the rush of work the summer of 2021 will bring. 

Tanner has continued working on the Land Crew through the summer; he worked on several different projects and learned some new things along the way. His biggest jobs have been maintaining the pool and running the large mower. In August the pool had a lot of problems; several parts had broken and Tanner and his boss, Anthony, worked several days on replacing them. He was able to learn a lot more about the mechanics behind the pool and ways to fix it. Tanner also had the opportunity to help prepare three new mobile homes for future staff. He was specifically involved with putting up all of the skirting and dealing with the wires under the trailers. Through all of these projects he became grateful for salt tablets that he was able to use throughout the day to help keep him hydrated in the intense heat!

I have been busy in the Finance Office; in July Teen Missions switched databases. This was a huge transfer of data that required months worth of work by our tech guys and a company called WMTEK. In this transition, I have spent a lot of time learning and preparing for staff and team members questions. In this new system, staff and team members will all have personal logins to access all of their donations real time. This has been in the works for a long time and the staff especially are so excited for this new feature. We are praying that through this advancement, all of our missionaries raising support will be able to be better connected to their prayer partners and financial donors. 

In the past month, two new staff members have been moved into the Finance Office as well. As an organization, we are working hard to be sure that we are constantly discipling and teaching people in the work that we are doing. I have been able to teach these staff different pieces of my responsibilities that will allow the ministry to run smoothly at all times! 

This season has been especially exciting for us as we continue to grow in our role as leaders of the College & Career group at our church. In the month of July, we began meeting twice a month; we have been going through the book The Four Chairs of Discipleship by Dann Spader. Our friends, Abby and Jeremiah Yonnie, have been coleading this group with us and it has been really neat to hear Tanner and Jeremiah’s different teaching styles come out. Please be praying that as we consistently meet and study the Word of God that people would come! We have learned a lot through the process of leading this group about being faithful to the responsibilities set before us and to rely on the Holy Spirit for fruit. 

We wanted to quickly share with you some of the things that we have been learning recently. Tanner and I have both joined groups that are going through books focused on being able to study and understand the Word of God on your own. As we were discussing the things we had both been studying in our groups, we realized our books were going over the same things! 

Both books have been diving into the different ways that we tend to study the Bible; for example, reading for a quick fix, for comfort, or even reading the Bible through the retold stories of other authors. We love reading the writings of godly people; however, when we know more quotes from our favorite authors than from Paul the Apostle we may be missing the mark (Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin)! We have been challenged through these studies to really press into our own studies and equip ourselves with tools that will help us to understand the Bible better. 

We are so grateful for all of our supporters and the prayers and financial support we have received in order to be involved in ministry with Teen Missions. We are looking forward to what God has planned for us and for the ministry in the future! Please know we are praying for you and that the Lord would bless you in this season.