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Anthony & Shawna Myers Newsletter (Spring 2021)


As we all make plans day by day, we still remember that “A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9. Sometimes it seemed like a long year and sometimes it felt like this year went by quickly. We were disappointed that our plans (Mud Run, summer teams, etc) were not able to be accomplished in 2020, but we are so thankful that God is in control. Trust Him! He knows what is best for us!


Teen Missions has partnered again with Teach Them Diligently homeschooling conferences this year and some of the staff have been running the teens’ and younger children’s programs while the parents are attending the conference. They have been in Nashville (TN), Rogers (AR), Round Rock (TX), and Mobile (AL). Anthony and I were able to go to the one in Nashville. I worked with 4-5 year olds, and Anthony worked with the 8-9 year olds. We were able to “teach them diligently” about Teen Missions and show them ways to share about Jesus using Wordless Books & bracelets, songs, puppets, Bible stories, things we use on our teams. Anthony also helped drive to the Rogers, AR conference.


After much prayer and planning, we were excited to have our Annual Mud Run again this year. We were praying for 100 people by April 1 and we had over 650 people attend! The money raised goes overseas to help orphans, widows and the less fortunate, so we really missed not being able to do it last year. It goes to our bases to be able to distribute as they see the need so we know it is going right to the front lines. So many people said how they missed it last year. They enjoy the family atmosphere and the unique obstacles. 


We are so enjoying our new little granddaughter, Sophia Joy, who was born on January 23, 2021. She has been a real joy to FaceTime with and Brandon and Brooke are good about sending pictures and videos! We enjoyed going to PA to see them a couple of times. Brandon and Brooke are wonderful parents! John and Jessie are doing well. John is still with YWAM helping with the IT and graphics/printing needs. Jessie is now working full time with Mercy Ships. She is working with the volunteers getting them placed, paperwork, visas, etc., and is really enjoying it. 


Darin will be graduating high school on May 28 and we are looking forward to having the whole family here. Darin will be going to Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA (about four hours from Brandon and Brooke). He will be playing football as well as studying Sports Management/Physical Therapy. He is still praying about the direction specifically, but is looking forward to being able to play football in college. We hope to be at some games in person and will be able to view them on the college website. It will be a different time for us with everyone out of the house...but that is what our aim as parents is to raise your kids to be able to move on and serve the Lord in whatever way He has for them, right? It will be different though! Our church has set up a college scholarship for anyone who would like to help with Darin’s schooling. Please let us know if you are interested in more details. 


This time last year we were canceling summer teams and hunkering down in our homes to avoid getting and sharing the COVID-19 virus. We are into May, a year later, and are excited about what the Lord is going to do with the teams this summer. We have had to change locations of some of the teams because some countries remain closed, but some have opened up. We also have a couple of teams staying here in the US (Iowa, Idaho and Alaska), and most of our overseas teams are going to our bases (Zambia, Malawi, Honduras, Tanzania, Uganda and South Africa), except for Ecuador. That way we have extra help there if needed. We are excited to get back to a semi-normal schedule for teams this summer, though it is still complicated to a point. Anthony and I just found out that we will be leading the team to South Africa. We are excited to be going there. Shawna was in South Africa 30 years ago to help run a National Boot Camp, but we have not been to this South Africa base. We will be helping the Bible school students as they teach in their Sunday school ministries in the villages and do needed projects at the base. Our team will be done July 30, then we will finish getting Darin ready to go to college. Pray for us (we were to be here this summer), as we switch gears to taking a team, and also trying to get things ready for graduation and Darin heading to college.


It will be a closed Boot Camp! This will be very different than in the past, but it is necessary to keep everyone protected as much as possible from getting the virus. Team members have been preparing (some for two years since their last team) to be able to go overseas to serve the Lord, so we want to do what we can to be sure this happens. When the team members arrive, they will have to come with a negative covid test. They will stay mostly as teams, but rallies etc. will still go on with social distancing. There will be no parents or visitors allowed into Boot Camp (even for Commissioning) and volunteers will not be able to go in and out of town, like in the past. This will all be new to us so we are trusting the Lord for guidance in each step.


As most of you know, in April one of the founders of Teen Missions, Robert M. Bland, went home to be with the Lord. We were blessed to be able to work with Bob and learned so much from him. He was 92 years old and lived a full life for the Lord. Pray for Jim Person (and his wife Judy), who also co-founded Teen Missions. He has ALS and is putting up a good fight! This brings back a lot of memories with Anthony’s brother, Lynn, so we know specifically how to pray for the Person family. Gayle “Widder” Will is living in Texas with her daughter and is 86. The ministry continues with the vision they began in 1970 and the Lord continues to bless and grow His ministry. 


The last Debrief ends on August 6 and soon after, we will be heading up to PA to move Darin to Geneva College. We will then be able to spend a few weeks visiting family and friends before returning back to work in early September.

We value your continued prayers and support. We are blessed by your giving and prayers, because without them, we would not be able to be here. 


Anthony & Shawna & Family

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