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Doug & Barb Peterson Newsletter (Fall 2021)

Doug & Barb Peterson Newsletter (Fall 2021)

No other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

I Cor. 3:11 NKJV

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings to everyone. We trust and pray that you are all well. It has been such a different year. We pray that we are finally over this pandemic and are getting back to normal. Zambia had a surge of Delta during this year. It got close to home when our senior staff member, Thomas Kabwata, was hospitalized with a very serious case of the Delta strain. We praise God for raising him up. He was hospitalized, on O2, and going down hill, when God touched him and raised him up. We were exposed, but God has kept us safe and for that we are very thankful.

Where are we? We have just returned to the States for medical checkups. Doug promised the cardiologists that he would be back in six months for a checkup. Doug had his heart devices checked yesterday and they are doing what they are supposed to do. We thank God that we are able to continue to be in Zambia to serve the Lord. Our return to Zambia is scheduled to be in early January.   

US teams

After not being able to travel last year and having to cancel the US teams in 2020, TMI was able to send out a limited number of teams this past summer. We were blessed to be able to host a team, and doubly blessed because our son, Steve and his wife, Gay, were the leaders of that team. The team had to quarantine at our base for two weeks and were not able to go to the rural area. Therefore, they worked on a project and blessed us with a large concrete foundation and floor for an ablution block for future meetings and conferences. They worked so hard! We also could see the Lord changing the lives of the teens spiritually. We know they will never be the same. God cherishes these young people and it is amazing to see Him work in them when so many are being bombarded with the crazy world around them.


In the midst of the pandemic we were able to see continued growth in the ministry.  We have a third Bible school running in a place called Wangibasha. The first Bible school is at the Ndola base and the second one is in the Mansa area. The total number of students in the three schools is 80.

We also have seen much growth in the Motorcycle Sunday school ministry. That name is not so accurate anymore because of the upkeep on the motorbikes. Much of the ministry is now done on bicycles. This works especially well in our new area around Lake Mweru. It is a very crowded area and the number of children who come to hear the Gospel and participate in the program is challenging our Circuit Riders. They have to use wisdom and divide the children in groups to come on different days in order to handle the crowds. Many are receiving Jesus and hearing the Word of God taught every week. Adults also come to hear and to give their lives to the Lord. We praise God for the many salvations through the ministry in this challenging area. Many of the people in this area are refugees from the Congo. We praise God for He is the one Who gives the increase.  

Rescue Units

This is one of the earliest ministries Teen Missions started in the rural area.  The facilitators at these units face the deep urgent needs of the village people daily. As they are able, they seek to help and alleviate the suffering. Pray for them. Many times they give of their own income and supplies to supplement what is sent out to them monthly from our base.  The help that is sent out is sometimes gone in a week or two. These staff (the facilitators) are unsung heroes. They live in humble surroundings, some without proper transportation if there are emergencies, and many stresses to deal with day to day. When they call in, I hear Doug allocating money or goods from the TMI budget stretching it as far as he can. The facilitators often see miracles as God is their source in time of need. We praise God for this ministry to the poor and needy, often to orphans and widows, including elderly with no family, who are living alone. 

African Summit

Right before we came back to the States, Zambia Base (that is us) hosted a ten-day summit for the Southern African Teen Missions countries. Those who attended came from these countries: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia. There were about 30 attendees. As hosts, our interns and staff ladies did an amazing job of rising to the occasion. They prepared the guest rooms, bedding, three meals a day, purchased the food and planned the menus, among other details. The agenda was planned  by the new president of TMI, Richard Barber, his wife  and his secretary, Pat Storey. Each country also shared their country’s ministry. It was an uplifting time for us all. We were especially blessed in the evenings as we all gathered, along with the students, and lifted up our voices in praise.  It is a little bit of heaven when an international group of God’s people worship together as one body.  

Pray please

The students are with us for three years and many want to continue to work in the TMI ministry. Most of the students are now coming from our Rescue Units, meaning they have orphan backgrounds. Ps. 27:10 says that “when your mother and father forsake you, the Lord Himself will take you up”.  These are the precious ones we have the privilege to teach and disciple. 

*** Pray for them to have deep spiritual growth, godly character, and to find God’s plan and purpose for their lives, and a desire to obey HIs will for them.

***Praise…We thank God for all that He is doing in the ministry. He is providing in every way, keeping us in safety, and working in a mighty way through His Word and through His Spirit.  

To God be the Glory, great things He has done!  

Thank you again for joining your hands with ours

In His Harvest,

Matt. 6:3 Gal. 2:20

Teen Missions international (Zambia)

Email: [email protected]

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