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Emily Brumbelow (Fall 2021)

Emily Brumbelow (Fall 2021)

Dear Family, Friends, and Supporters,

Hello to you all. Wow! What a crazy past few months it has been. The last time I sent out an update was in May, close to five months ago! Well, buckle up, because there’s lots to update you all on. 

This Summer’s Training:

At the beginning of June Teen Missions’ summer program was in full swing. This summer we were blessed to send out 12 teams—10 teen teams, and two preteen teams. Our time of training went well, and I was able to teach the music classes to all the teams. Basically, what I did was teach them how to put together presentations for their evangelism. This was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun because I was able to spend time with each team and get to know them. 

During the second week of training my Preteen team arrived! I’m not going to lie; it was definitely overwhelming at times. But God showed Himself faithful during that training time, and I’m so thankful. 

Unfortunately, we did have some COVID cases arise at Boot Camp, even though we were careful, and everyone tested negative before entering camp. Two days before we left for the field, we all had to be tested, so we could fly internationally. On our team we unfortunately had four kids, and one leader test positive for COVID. There were also kids from other teams that tested positive. What the leadership of TMI decided to do was have all of those who did test positive become one team, the Florida Dream Team. So, even though that wasn’t what we had planned, God had better plans. The Florida Dream Team did an amazing job here on the property in Florida.


The four team members and leader who tested positive for COVID were moved to the Florida Dream Team, and our team was left with 12 preteens (six boys and six girls) and three leaders. I was blessed to lead with our head male leader, Daniel, and our assistant female leader, Sydney. 

Our trip to Honduras went well, and we were thankful for how good the kids did traveling in the airports and through customs. Our arrival to the Teen Missions base in Honduras was a lot of fun too. We arrived later in the evening, and we were greeted with a delicious meal made for us by the Honduras Staff! What a blessing it was. 

After a day or so of getting settled in, the kids started on their work project. Originally, they were supposed to be working on paving the road that leads to the base. However, the coordinator, Eleazer, asked that we work on something different. He and Daniel did some consulting and then jumped right into working on some of the cabins the base has and re-roofing them. The kids found this quite exciting, especially since they got to tear down the old roofs. While the kids worked, Sydney and I were in the kitchen preparing the different meals. Since we were inside most of the time, this gave me the opportunity to get to know the staff and students there, which I really enjoyed. They’re all so welcoming, kind and just generally fun people to spend time and laugh with! 

During our first two weeks there, we were asked by Mr. Barber (Teen Missions’ President) to quarantine. So, the kids weren’t able to go out and do as much evangelism as planned, but they had good attitudes about it. They were able to perform a presentation for the staff and students at the base though, which was a lot of fun. The students also did a presentation for them which was AMAZING!

Other work projects the kids worked on were chopping down grass in the fields (with machetes, which they loved). They also cleared out a field to plant pineapples in. They did a great job with each of their work projects. 

After the two-week quarantine ended, we were able to share in two different churches, and even helped with a kid’s program one Sunday morning. The kids had a lot of fun with this! 

After three weeks we were wrapping up on our work projects and preparing to fly back to Florida. In order to fly back, we all had to test negative for COVID, so we went and got tested, and praise Jesus we all tested negative! It was a HUGE answer to prayer. After our tests we had a fun time visiting a local waterfall and park! Then we went back to the base and started to pack up the next day. We spent two days in San Pedro Sula (where we flew from) doing some sight-seeing and souvenir shopping. The kids loved this and got a lot of cool things to bring back with them. 

Our travel back to Florida went very well, and we enjoyed a few days there for the team’s Debrief. During this time, the kids had classes to help prepare them for going back home, and to use all that they’ve learned in the summer to continue being on fire for Jesus. 

I’m going to be honest. It was a HARD summer. However, God gave me a lot of love for these preteens. The kids also brought me so many laughs. Preteens say the darndest things! God really helped me to grow in many areas that I needed help in—to be more patient, to be more kind, and to be more loving. (I’m still growing in these areas of course!) I was also encouraged that one of our boys accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. That made all the struggles MORE than worth it. I also saw so many answers to prayers this summer, and God continually showed Himself so, so faithful! We serve a good God.


After Summer/Deputation: 

After our whole summer program wrapped up, it was our Deputation time. This is basically what Teen Missions calls furlough (a missionaries’ time to rest and share with supporters). I flew back to Georgia on the 14th of August and was there for 10 days. It was a nice time to see my family and relax after a busy summer. I also had several doctor’s appointments lined up, which I was able to go to. However, I didn’t get to do as much visiting with supporters as I would have liked! I’m hoping the next time I’m in Georgia I can see more of you. I think the next time I will be back in Georgia will be around Christmas. After a good time with my family, I came back to Florida and back to work!



Work has been going very well. It’s been a busy few weeks getting caught up on everything I missed over the summer. I praise Jesus that things went very smoothly this summer with me being out of the office. I’m thankful for other people in the office who helped keep things running while I was in Honduras.



This fall I am teaching again in the Bible school, and I’ve been enjoying it so far. We have 10 students attending (three of them are new students). I’m teaching Christian Evidences (Apologetics). I’m excited for all that God has in store for this class and these students. Please be praying that I would be a diligent teacher!


Church & Other Tidbits:

Since being back in Florida I’ve been more involved with my local church and enjoying it. I’m attending a class every Sunday morning, and I’ve also been doing a ladies Bible study on Saturday mornings. We’re going through the books of 1, 2, and 3 John. It’s been very encouraging. I also enjoy all the time of fellowship I get through these classes. There are so many wonderful people I attend church with. 

 Another exciting thing I have to share with you all is that I will be going on a mission’s trip with the church. Me and around 10 other people from the church will be traveling to Bolivia from October 29th-November 10th! I’m so excited! I ask for your prayers as we prepare to go, that we will be open to the Lord’s leading, and that the hearts of those we are going to work with will be open as well. We are going to an orphanage called ‘Casa de Esperanza’ in Caranavi, Bolivia. We will be helping with some work projects, like tiling the floors and painting. But we will also have the opportunity to work with the children there, and just love on them. This will be my first overseas missions’ trip outside of Teen Missions, so I’m both excited and a little nervous! But I know God is going to do amazing things. 


Financial Support: 

My financial support is doing well, and I’m so grateful for each of you who make sacrifices to support me! I am still looking for more monthly supporters. If you guys have any questions about that or my monthly support, please let me know. [email protected].

Here are ways you can donate! 

You can donate online at Or if you would prefer to send cash or check you can do that as well. Please see the coupon attached to this newsletter. Just fill that out and send it with your cash or check. Please make sure checks are made payable to Teen Missions and sent to:

Teen Missions 

Attn: Finance Dept

885 East Hall Rd

Merritt Island, FL 32953


I’m so thankful for each and every one of you! Please let me know of specific ways I can be praying for you. Also, always feel free to reach out to me just to chat! I would love to hear from you guys. 


Blessings & lots of love, 


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