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Paul and Beth Kostner Newsletter (Winter 2022)

Paul and Beth Kostner Newsletter (Winter 2022)

Dear Family, Friends and Former Team Members,

Happy New Year! It is hard to believe that it is 2022. It is even harder to believe that I am now officially on Medicare!

We are doing well and are gearing up for our summer teams in 2022. We already have over 200 registrations. A lot of things are still up in the air, including what each country will require for travel this summer. We are getting a lot of questions, but with how everything is changing rapidly, we have no idea what will be required. We are determined to “go”—wherever that may be. He is going to put us exactly where He wants us!

In early November, Paul and I had the privilege of traveling with the Bible school students to Houma, Louisiana where we worked for a week with Samaritan’s Purse assisting in their hurricane relief efforts. That week was outstanding all the way around. We divided into two groups with Paul on one and me on the other. We each had a “team lead” which was a Samaritan’s Purse volunteer. Paul’s team lead had had the experience of working with another group of youth the previous week, and therefore he was not excited about getting another group of young people. He (along with my team lead) were very surprised at our groups’ work ethic, friendliness and willingness to do anything and everything. Both groups did the following jobs: chain sawing downed trees and limbs, tearing down drywall and ceilings, treating mold, removing trash from homes and property and hauling it to the street, cleaning up yards and tarping roofs. The homeowners were so appreciative! We were encouraged to spend time getting to know the homeowners and their families. Each family was given a Bible signed by the workers once their project was finished. Both of our teams saw homeowners come to Christ which was such a blessing for us and our students. In the evenings, we had dinner with the other volunteers and our group was the first to volunteer for any chores that needed to be done. We enjoyed fellowshipping with the other volunteers after dinner until bedtime. There was (and still is) so, so much devastation in that area. Yet, we saw so much hope as we participated in the cleanup efforts. We were all impressed with the work that Samaritan’s Purse is doing in these devastated areas. We were expected to work hard, but we were treated very well by their staff. An extra week has been built into the BMW schedule to do some type of relief effort every fall. With it being the prime hurricane season, that should not be a problem. We all came away changed and I am so thankful. Please pray that the seeds planted in Houma will continue to bear fruit. Also, there continues to be so much need and Samaritan’s Purse is still there doing relief efforts. Please pray for more volunteers for the work.

“Mom, there is a waterfall in my bedroom!” UGH! This is not something you want to hear, especially after replacing the windows and doors in the house this year (needed due to the high insurance rates in hurricane ally...). Yep, we needed to replace our “lifetime” metal roof. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to go the cheapest route!  As of yesterday, the roof is complete. Unfortunately, they found more damage than anticipated and it ended up being $3000 more than what we expected. Please pray that the Lord will supply this need quickly.

We (us and all four kids) traveled up north to visit Paul’s family for Christmas and we enjoyed the 55+ degree weather. It was fun getting to see everyone (except for one niece and her husband). Christmas Eve was the usual chaos with kids, more kids, gifts, lots of good food and laughter. On Christmas Day, we spent more time with some of the family (and the addition of four dogs). It was a great trip and we are thankful for the opportunity to spend time with those we love and the safety in our travels. On the way up, we stopped and visited my mom and she is doing really well. 

are now back at work. We have been busy registering all the team members and getting their paperwork out. By the time you receive this letter, we should be in India where we will be visiting our base for about a month. We will then take a short trip to Nepal to finalize the plans for the team this summer before heading back home. Please pray for health (and negative PCR tests!) and safety for us while we are away and health and safety for the kids at home and that there will be no problems with household issues.

This summer we are scheduled to lead the Philippines Leader Development Team (yep, we are going to try again...). We have 13 team members (three team members and one leader from our 2021 Dream Team!) registered and we are so excited!

The kids are doing well. Lindsay and Jamie just purchased a home in Orlando. She continues to love working as an adoption specialist. Colton has started college full time, pursuing a degree in computer software. He continues to work at a local restaurant and is looking forward to eventually getting out of that industry. Danae is still working from home and working to pay down her college loans. BJ’s college classes begin in February and he continues to work at the space company, ETA. It was such a joy having all four kids together in Illinois for Christmas—just like the old days with traveling together, bantering back and forth and lots of laughter.

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and support. As always, you are such a blessing!

In Christ,

Paul & Beth

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