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Boot Camp running now near the Congo Border in Zambia!


We have 16 leaders, 100 team members and 1 male volunteer, we have 4 teams.

Accomplishment: we managed to set up the OC route, build a boys toilet, erect a kitchen with GI pipes and put a roof over it, we also made plastic bath rooms as well as transport all the orphans and Sunday school children to boot camp from all our centers to kabuta rescue unit which is hosting the boot camp. We also managed to put the obstacles on the OC route and pitch all the tents on all the 4 campsites.

OUTSTANDING EXPERIENCE: Our Mansa BMW student both the first year and the second year students have gained experience on how to start a boot camp from the scratch and put up every thing needed, they have never done this kind of arrangement and it is a new experience to them. they have also experience the reality of how far people have wondered from the truth and believe the lies of Satan. Here people believe so much in witch craft from as young as 6 years old, they know about witch craft and the power to harm people, leading these team members to Christ as they repent from their sins is another awesome experience the students have experience as they sit to hear from the young people as they narrate to them what they have gone through that is beyond our students understanding of how they young ones have found them themselves in some witchcraft practices. students have had time to pray with the team members as they lead them to Christ.

DECISIONS FOR CHRIST: We had our first rally yesterday Sunday evening and we had 63 team members both girls and boys received Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior. it was exciting to see the response of the young people to the word of God.

1. Pray for the remaining team members to be of soft heart so that they too can receive Jesus as their Lord and savior.
2. Pray for the preachers of the gospel to be led by the holy spirit so that the messages they preach can meet the spiritual needs of the team members for their transformation.
3. Pray for the leaders to have wisdom in leading the team members and as they counsel them.

1. We want to see every team member receive Jesus as Lord and savior, as well as put more effort in making sure that team members know the memory verses as well as books of the bible.
2. plan to take a trip to Nchelenge to do a per-purchase for team food and other supplies.

In His Service,
Derick & Charity,
Boot Camp Coordinators
Kabuta, Zambia.