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Sunday School Continues

Sunday School Continues

CIRCUIT RIDER 1 - Ramon Dangan and Jovert Endico
God is faithful all the time in our life and ministry. We teach Bible stories with coloring book. We start teaching writing letters. The kids they are very happy and always excited in our lesson. That's all thank you very much.
CIRCUIT RIDER 2 - Arman Mella and Wenie Garcia
Our team is doing far more greater in this ministry, not because of our willingness but of the excitement of all the children and youths in the places of our ministry. We teach them to read, those who are not good enough in reading; teaching some to write, those who do not know how to write. We play games, teaching action songs, telling stories, and teaching them to familiarize the sound of the alphabets. Most of all, exposing them in the Word of God through giving them memory verse. We may have sometimes a rough day because of the weather situation, but we'll always be on the go.
CIRCUIT RIDER 3 - Chris Jane Amora and Aubrey Cris Diaz
Our team is doing good. We are blessed with the response we got from every community. We are now teaching the children about the Lord by story telling. The teens are also excited to learn more in English, such as reading, spelling and grammar. We have been able to teach the little ones how to write the alphabet and teach them the phonetic sounds. They are also requesting us if we can teach them with math and other subjects. We found it fulfilling in our part to hear how thankful they are for the new learning they got. Some parents are hands-on in watching after their children that is why we got to communicate and minister to them as well. Every week we have a great experience and we are looking forward for all the things that God will do in our ministry. Thank you and more power!
CIRCUIT RIDER 4 - Steely June Ramos and Nicole Marie Dumaplin
God is really amazing in our ministry that despite of this pandemic, He still works on us. We teach the children about God and also in all subjects, small group activities and hands-on learning activities. We use this situation as an opportunity to help them do the things they do not know yet, especially the Word of God. We are so thankful and grateful to all of your prayers and we believe that God will continue to bless us and provide our needs for the ministry. Thank you and God bless you.

Sunday School Ministry Resumes

The circuit riders have been able to start up their ministry again. We are glad that their ministry went well despite of our situation here. The schools have their Virtual class, but we are so unique