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Happy 4th of July from the Honduras Preteen team!

Happy 4th of July from the Honduras Preteen team!

The team had fun on Friday as they attended two different schools to present at. All of the schools have been very welcoming to the team and the team has been very good about fellowshipping with the kids in the schools regardless of the language barrier. It's very cool to see how God can use a couple 10-12 year old kids that were willing to give up their summer to impact eternity. So cool.

While we were at one of the schools, the principal came by and asked if their students could return the favor to us and perform a song for us using their flutes. It was an amazing sight and sound that the elementary school kids put together! I think our team really enjoyed the performance and was grateful to be the audience for the showing.

On Saturday, our lady leaders joined the Honduras staff to make a Honduran dish called "Baleadas"! The meal was amazing and the team loved it (Mr. Tim says it might be his new favorite meal).

We were able to attend church this last Sunday and take part in communion with our fellow family in Christ. After communion, our team performed for the Sunday school kids and then everyone broke up into small groups with them for the remainder of the time.

Thank you for all the prayers and support that you guys are sending our way! The team is doing a great job here and is excited for the next two weeks of ministry. The Lord has provided all the strength, joy, energy, and love that we need to serve. We are blessed and highly favored indeed. Keep the prayers coming and lift up the young people as they serve our awesome God. Here are some specific things that you guys can be praying for as we go into this next week:

1. That the kids continue to have substantial growth in their relationships with Christ.
2. Good health so that we can maximize our time here.
3. A contagious love for Christ and each other as we serve.

Here are some words from some of the kids:

"This place is so fun and I love the presentations and dramas! I miss mom and dad but other than that, it's great! - Isaiah W

"I'm doing great. Being here and doing work is so much fun! I can't wait for sightseeing! - Cara A

"Hi family & friends! Honduras is beautiful and the people are great. God is really teaching me how to be more patient." - Mason J

Your kids have been at boot camp for over a week now and

Your kids have been at boot camp for over a week now and it's flown by. We started off last week with getting settled in and Boot Camp Orientation.

The Honduras Preteen team has arrived safely.

The Honduras Preteen team has arrived safely in Honduras with all their luggage. They were met by our staff and are heading to the base.

Greetings! The kids are starting work today.

Greetings! The kids are starting work today, they will be moving dirt and rocks and mixing cement. The weather is mild with heat in the middle of the day, it rained on our bus ride from the airport to the base and then again last night. It's nice out now with grey skies.

We had a team Bible study last night and the kids were engaged in Mr. DanielĀ“s teaching and sharing. We have presentations lined up for Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

The kids have enjoyed exploring the base, they woke up yesterday and did laundry. They all enjoyed it and a few said it was actually fun. There is an area for laundry that includes washboards.

Everyone is healthy.

Ola from a hard working Honduras Preteen Team!

The team has been going strong straight into their first work week. They've been pouring concrete each and everyday for the road that leads up to the base and are gaining major muscles while they do it! Hosea Blair said in today's work session, "we're gonna be jacked by the end of this summer". Folks, he's not wrong. The kids have been hauling wheelbarrows of sand, stone, gravel, and concrete up and down the inclined road in a very impressive manner. Their heart for the work is contagious and they're growing each and every day in their character as they go on. As leaders, we've seen God really unify this team in ways that only He can. They step up for each other when they see a friend in need and it's awesome to see.

Hello from beautiful Santa Cruz, Honduras!

Wow, time is flying by here in Honduras. The kids have been working hard in every aspect of the ministry as we've been here and they're truly getting to see the result of their efforts. The road to the base is really coming along well and they continually amaze us leaders with their heart, drive, and spirit as they pour concrete each and every day. They are also getting to see the fruit of their ministry through the presentations they put on for the schools nearby.

The Preteens Final Week in Honduras

Hello to all our family & friends!

It has been a wild and busy last couple of days here in Santa Cruz and we wouldn't have it any other way! The team has been going very strong and are truly enjoying the time of ministry. Everyone is saying how crazy it is that we are already looking at our last week in Honduras.

The Final Days in Honduras

Greetings from your favorite preteen team!
The days are becoming fewer as the team is now looking at only 3 more days in Honduras. It's crazy to think we've been here for close to three weeks already. We are super grateful to the Lord for all that He has done for us and through us in the time we've been here in Santa Cruz. The staff at the base have been nothing short of spectacular while we've been here. They have been very kind, gracious, loving, and generous. God is truly working here at the Teen Missions Honduras base and we are so honored that we had the opportunity to be a very small part of what they are doing here.

Honduras Preteen Arrived Safely at Teen Missions

Honduras Preteen Arrived Safely at Teen Missions

Preteen and Leader Quiz Photos

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