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The Final Days in Honduras

The Final Days in Honduras

Greetings from your favorite preteen team!

The days are becoming fewer as the team is now looking at only 3 more days in Honduras. It's crazy to think we've been here for close to three weeks already. We are super grateful to the Lord for all that He has done for us and through us in the time we've been here in Santa Cruz. The staff at the base have been nothing short of spectacular while we've been here. They have been very kind, gracious, loving, and generous. God is truly working here at the Teen Missions Honduras base and we are so honored that we had the opportunity to be a very small part of what they are doing here.

The last couple of days have been pretty routine. We have woken up, had breakfast. done devotions, and then have gone straight to work on the road. The team has continued to be champs in how they carry themselves as they pour the concrete. It's a very repetitive task but they continue to have fun with it and they do a good job of making it a quality time for everyone around. They are engaged in their classes that we have for them as well and continuing to grow in that area of their life. The team had a unique moment when, Mr. Chico (Teen Missions Honduras Base Coordinator), grabbed the team so they could help him pull down a tree that he had cut with the chainsaw. The kids had a fun tug of war match with the tree and were able to pull out the victory in the end. Go team!

Today, Wednesday, July 13th, the leaders are having some fun with the team on the last official work day. The leaders woke up and are having a "Leader Switch Day"! We're mixing up the normal a little bit. The lady leaders are outside with the majority of the team working on the project and the male leaders are with the KP (Kitchen Patrol) making meals for breakfast and lunch! The kids had a fun reaction to the change.

The next few days for us are gonna be different, busy, and a whole lot of fun. We're looking forward to our sightseeing day tomorrow! The kids will have the opportunity to buy some souvenirs, get some food, and enjoy some of God's creation. On Friday, we will start packing our stuff, cleaning around the property, and finishing up some classes. Saturday we will start our journey back to Debrief. The team will drive two hours out to San Pedro Sula and spend most of the day shopping for souvenirs before heading to a hotel for the night. Sunday morning will be an early wake up and then it's off to the airport for a flight to Miami which then takes us to Orlando!

The Lord has blessed us in more ways than we can count. We give praise to Him for providing us with awesome prayer partners and supportive family/friends. Please continue to lift up the team as they finish out this summer!

Here are some specific things that you guys can be praying for as we go into the weekend:
1. That the team would be grateful for all the Lord has done this summer
2. We would enjoy fellowship with each other in these last days
3. For safety as we travel to all these locations

Here are some words from some of the kids:

"God has taught me that He does all things for good. My favorite part of the summer is SBs or using machetes." - Jae P

"TMI has taught me a sense of humility and kindness. It is still teaching me how to mature. I am so glad my parents sent me here. They only want the best for me." - Justice T

"One thing God has done in my life here at Teen Missions is shown me how to work hard for the people here. I've also learned to cope with my anger
better. I like Honduras for it's beautiful hills and it's kind people." - John W II