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Hello friends and family of the Uganda team!!

Hello friends and family of the Uganda team!!

What a joy it is to be writing this report. The Uganda team is doing incredibly well. We as a leadership are so proud of their hard work, and the way they are adjusting to Boot Camp and the other team members.

Arrival day went very well. We did have a pretty crazy rain storm come through, but the kids took it all in stride and had a lot of laughs. Unfortunately, this did result in a few wet tents. The kids had awesome attitudes about this, and shared many groaning chuckles as they sponged out the water.

On Sunday they had Orientation classes and did well learning all about Teen Missions and Boot Camp! They ran the OC (Obstacle Course) and had a blast. They did well communicating and working together, especially at the wall. We did have a few falls in the slough, so we made sure to share with them about an extra pair of dry socks afterwards!

Today (Monday) is the first official day of their Boot Camp training classes. Today's classes are concrete, block laying, drama, and music! They did so well at the wall this morning, with getting 14 out of 20 team members over the wall!

Overall, they are all doing well. They are all getting along and learning a lot about each other. We as leaders enjoy getting to know them each.

Medically, everyone is good. A few with some scrapes and blisters. We are also encouraging them to drink LOTS of water! It has been very hot, humid, and rainy here the past few days.

All the kiddos say hi!! We will have some personal testimonies from the kids in the next report. Blessings!

Hello to the family of our Uganda team members!

The team is doing amazing! They are really united together, and it is so fun to see.

Hello family and friends of the Uganda team!

What can we say? The team is doing well! They are all continuing to unify together. The OC (Obstacle Course) has really helped with this. Today they got every single team member over the wall! It was quite the celebration.

The Uganda team is finishing strong!!

The Uganda team is finishing strong!! Medically everyone is doing great!
The team is doing amazing. They're working together super well. The kids are beyond excited to be commissioning in two days!
I asked the kids to write me a few short sentences about their Boot Camp experience so far. They were excited to write something to you all. Hope you enjoy hearing from them, they miss you.

The Uganda team has made it safely to Dubai.

The Uganda team has made it safely to Dubai. They now wait 12 hours for their next flight to Entebbe.
Kids and leaders are all doing well!

We have made it safely to Uganda!

Mr. Moses met us at the airport with a bus. We are missing one bag which we left a claim for. They will call Mr. Moses when it arrives.

Hello! We are in Jinja!

Wow, what a journey our travel experience was.
We praise the Lord we made it on all our flights with no problems. Our 12 hour layover in Dubai was quite the experience, but the kids enjoyed walking around and taking it all in.
Josiah M and Jonathan S even took the opportunity to evangelize to a gentlemen at our gate who was an atheist. They said it was an interesting conversation. They left him with some Gospel tracks and encouragement.

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