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Hello to the family of our Uganda team members!

Hello to the family of our Uganda team members!

The team is doing amazing! They are really united together, and it is so fun to see.

They have been enjoying their training classes where they have learned lots about construction, especially about concrete, block-laying, steel-tying, digging, and carpentry. They've also had the chance to learn some evangelistic skills! They really seem to be thriving in drama class.

The team is also doing SO WELL at the OC (Obstacle Course). They all stick together to encourage one another, and have gotten 15 team members over the Wall!

They're also learning a lot in their Bible Hour classes, especially about identity in Christ and maturity in Christ.

Last night in Rally we chanted "10 MORE DAYS!!!!". The kids are so excited to be making it through Boot Camp day-by-day. During our evening rallies, we've had several kids go forward to the altar. It is so amazing to see the Lord moving and working in their lives. They seem very sensitive to His leading and what He would do in their lives.

The weather has been, in a word, HOT. We have been encouraging the kids to drink lots and lots of water. We haven't had any rain since the first day of Boot Camp, much to the kids' glee.

No one has been sick or injured! Praise the Lord.

We once again praise the Lord for this team of 20 kids. What a joy and blessing they are. Thank you for entrusting them to us for the summer.

"Well, Boot Camp has felt as long as ever. Even before Boot Camp started though, the fun parts had! Sort of. When I arrived at the airport and said hello to all my friends, my baggage was still halfway across the country. I was at Boot Camp for FOUR days with nothing, and while it was terrible, it gave me a lot of opportunities to work on being happy with what I have and learning to rely on my team, trying not to complain, and trusting that God will take care of me. Boot Camp is hard, but it is not impossible when you have a supportive team and God at your back." Taryn W.

Hello friends and family of the Uganda team!!

What a joy it is to be writing this report. The Uganda team is doing incredibly well. We as a...

Hello family and friends of the Uganda team!

What can we say? The team is doing well! They are all continuing to unify together. The OC...

The Uganda team is finishing strong!!

The Uganda team is finishing strong!! Medically everyone is doing great! The team is doing...

The Uganda team has made it safely to Dubai.

The Uganda team has made it safely to Dubai. They now wait 12 hours for their next flight to...

We have made it safely to Uganda!

Mr. Moses met us at the airport with a bus. We are missing one bag which we left a claim for....

Hello! We are in Jinja!

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The team is doing very well out here in Nakabango village.

Since our last update the team has begun work on their project! They are clearing a path to begin...

Surviving and thriving in Uganda!

Hello all! The team is doing so well. They are really making a lot of headway on their work...

What a Sunday!

Hello from the Uganda team! It’s been a fun past few days and I’m excited to update you all.

Rainstorm in Uganda!

Greetings from the muddy Uganda team! On Thursday morning we had a very unexpected rainstorm come...

Jambo!!! Hello from team Uganda!

Man, what a whirlwind these past few days have been! The kids (and leaders) have had so much fun,...

Jambo!!! Hello from team Uganda! (Photos)

Hello all!

The Uganda team is doing… okay. To be honest, since our last report we’ve had a bit of sickness....

Farewell Uganda!

Wow. We cannot believe we have reached the end of our time in Uganda. Saying goodbye this morning...

Uganda arrived at Debrief

Praise the Lord, Uganda arrived at Debrief at 7:30 pm Monday Night