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Surviving and thriving in Uganda!

Surviving and thriving in Uganda!

Hello all! The team is doing so well. They are really making a lot of headway on their work project and they couldn’t be more excited.

Since our last update the kids have been working hard on the project. Last time I told you all that they were working on clearing out the land where the wall would go. Since then they have started digging and pouring the footer/foundation. They have made a lot of progress in digging and pouring. One part of the team will continue on in digging and pouring the footer, while the others will start laying bricks on top of the foundation. We are so proud of the kids’ hard work and determination. There are several who LOVED mixing the concrete for the footer yesterday and requested to do it again today. Craziness! But, we’re so glad they’re excited for it.

KP (Kitchen Patrol) has been going well also. The kids’ have been trying their hand at some good old fashion baking in a metal box (our oven). We’ve enjoyed a lot of biscuits, rolls, and cakes recently. Ms. Lane and Ms. Emily are thankful for their help with food prep and cleaning! Each day there’s also a new set of chores to be done.

After work is done for the day the kids get some bathing and laundry time. It’s also so fun to see their determination in cleaning their laundry like the Africans do. We’ve even had some of the Ugandan Bible students teach them a few tips and tricks!

In the kids’ free time they enjoy talking with the national staff and students here on the base. There are also several staff children around whom they love playing and laughing with.

A few of the kids have had some colds since our arrival. It’s pretty normal after travel and also adjusting to a whole new country! But, they’re doing well. Each morning after personal devotions Ms. Emily has them line up for Vicks Vapor Rub on their chests and cough drops! We’ve also been serving hot tea in the mornings which seems to help.

In todays’ report I have included a little note from each of the kids and leaders. We all hope you enjoy reading them!! The team misses you all, but they’re also so happy to be here.

“I am having an ok time, I’m doing better than I was before. I miss my family, but overall it is a good experience!” Colby P

“Greetings, so far in Uganda we have spent most of our time either digging the footer for the wall, or laying concrete in the parts that are finished. Overall the time has been good.” Josiah B

“I love Uganda so much! I’m excited to see what God has planned for my life.” Shannon S

“Life here is exciting. From the physically demanding work, to the ice cold showers, I love it! The isolation from media makes it exceedingly easier to focus on God and life and team building. Love ya fam!” Donovan T

“I have never seen so many beautiful stars in my life. They spread across the night sky, sparkling and reminding me of the love of Jesus that we are to shine in this dark world.” Rebekah M

“So far in Uganda life has been good. I have enjoyed starting to build a perimeter wall and meeting the locals.” Jonathan S

“Hi Eve! (And Ozzy, Charlie, Mom, and Dad). Uganda is really fun. We got to start mixing concrete yesterday. My back is sore now. Love you!” Jackson W

“I love Uganda! We’ve gotten to play with lots of kids, we’ve done lots of work, and we got to see a beautiful sunrise this morning! Love you Mom, Dad, and siblings!” Elianna M

“Hi Mom and Dad! Uganda is amazing! I love all the sights, people, and the kids. The work is going good and I’m having so much fun with my team. Love and miss you!” Eden T

“Hi Mom and Dad! I miss you guys so much! My time here in Uganda has been awesome so far. I can definitely feel that I’m growing mentally, physically, and spiritually.” Manny H

“Nothing beats an African sunrise. Watching the sun come up over the hills and shine down over the misty trees has really reminded me of how beautiful and peaceful God’s love for us is. It’s truly incredible.” Taryn W

“It has been an interesting experience. I’m having a lot of fun being able to see a whole new world.” Josiah M

“Hey Mom and Dad! I’m having a good time so far! But, I’m not going to lie, part of this feels like I’m at home. Chickens just walking around everywhere, and doing work haha! But I miss y’all! God is doing so much already, and I can’t wait to tell y’all about it. Happy Birthday, Emerson!” Ellie D

“The field has definitely shown me the importance of having patience and making friends. I’m so glad that God put me on this team.” Ava P

“My trip in Uganda has been a blast. We’ve worked on the wall, grown as a team, and come closer to God in all that we’ve done. Just letting family and friends know that I’m safe and cared for.” Liam H

“I thought I was gonna die, but I love it now. The people here are amazing and their roasted corn is tasty. I love and miss my family.” Leah L

“It’s surreal to think we are actually in Africa. Mr. Judah makes sure we don’t forget though. The work here is so much better than last year. It feels like we are actually accomplishing something (which we are)!” Max V

“The people here have really shown me what it means to have gratitude and joy in your heart. I also love getting to strengthen my relationships with the team on the worksite.” Anna P

“I’m having a great time. I love the nationals and students. Already planning to come back.” Kayla C

“Hello. Uganda is cool. I like it here.” Mr. Judah

“I am so thankful to be on the team with all your children. It has been great to hear the team laugh together, individuals share with me how they are learning more about God, and hearing about their lives.” Mr. Spencer

“God has been teaching me a lot this summer. Leading is a completely different experience from being a team member, but I love it. Being there for my team and seeing them grow in their relationships with God is one of my favorite things.” Ms. Lane

“One of the major reasons I joined staff with Teen Missions was because of the summer teams and being able to disciple teens. I love each of these 19 kids and I’m so thankful you entrusted them to us. Seeing them all grow and learn is such a humbling experience. They bring so much joy and laughter to me each day! I am blessed.” Ms. Emily

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