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The team finished puppetry and carpentry classes...

The team finished puppetry and carpentry classes on Friday, June 18th. The team had five days straight of puppets and learned to hold a stage, move a puppet's mouth, and dance to Sunday school songs. On Friday, they practiced six times in a row, switching roles so everyone had practice with each. When we're on the field, the team will perform for kids and churches; we learned motions and words to three songs. Even though puppets are foreign and uncomfortable to most team members, they put forth great effort and look great. The puppets sync to the lyrics, and the dancers always have bright smiles. Selah E., one of our former team members, helped new members practice the dances.

Mr. Skip teaches carpentry class, and he took a liking to our group because most of our members are older. Even though we'll be washing feet, he told the team that they had to be fluid and flexible, and that meant learning skills they might or might not use. He pushed them for the full hour, teaching saw use and care, safety, hammer use, different kinds of nails, and angles and how they're used. Mr. Skip taught them a time math problem: if there are twenty people on our team, then five minutes wasted is a hundred minutes gone (20 times 5) because we are a team. He urged them to not waste time and work as a unit, especially in his class; he intended to use his hour to the fullest. His partner, Mr. Shawn, is a kind, light-hearted man whose jokes the team enjoyed. We'll be refining other skills this week, but his impact is huge. Two team members especially excelled in his class: Elijah S. and Abigail H. Both days, they finished their tasks early (cutting wood, nailing tresses, and building a wall), so Mr. Skip taught new applications and sent them to work.

Music is still a favorite class. The team practiced all their songs and are putting together their program. A Teen Missions program consists of Sunday School songs, praise, worship, drama or puppets, a testimony, and a call to Jesus. On Saturday, the team practiced their first full run through. They introduced themselves individually, sang "Rock Sword Shield," introduced the team, sang "I Will Call Upon the Lord," "Days of Elijah," "Make Room," "Way Maker," and "O Come to the Altar." Their voices blend well. Mia O. volunteered to introduce the team as a whole and is responsible for explaining who we are and what we're doing. In Tanzania, we'll use this skill at services and for evangelism. All we need for a program is our team and an audience, and it's a great way to grab people's attention and share Christ with them.

Team members aren't the only ones taking classes! Ms. Deborah Veit, the head female leader, is busy around Boot Camp. She has a medical background, and other leaders sometimes stop her to ask what to do about certain ailments. She's made friends with the Boot Camp nurse, Ms. Karen, and visits often. Ms. Deborah takes cooking classes, learning to feed a team of 25 people. On Thursday, she made a delicious Goulash, and today, garlic cheese biscuits. The team went back for seconds.

On Sunday, the team was responsible for cleaning the bathrooms. Mr. Josh Troyer, the assistant male leader, supervised the boys, and I the girls. Both bathrooms were clean in 15 minutes; they worked together and communicated. They earned 30 minutes in the pool, sharing with the Hondorus preteen team, who cleaned the leader bathroom. Not everyone got in the pool; Ellie D. and Neylan J. sat on the pool deck in matching sunglasses as self-proclaimed soccer moms. Team members in the pool would call their names excitedly and show them cool tricks; the girls played along and made the treat even better.

Weather has been good the last few days. Laundry is drying; fervently pray that it stays that way. Packout day goes much more smooth with dry weather. Our last goal is nearly met; the team has timed 7 seconds for their countoff at the OC. This week's goal is to refine our skills: countoff, tight lines with no gaps, and doing tasks quickly (laundry, bathing, bathroom, etc.).

Remember to send emails and letters to your team as they are encouraged by Scripture, stories from home, prayer, and jokes. Thank you for your prayers this week; God is moving on this camp and in our team. May you be blessed!

"Boot camp has been good. The food is great; I love my team." -Bryson A.

"I am loving Boot Camp! The obstacle course has been going great every morning, and our team is bonding very strongly. Classes are super interesting, and meals are delicious. It hasn't rained today, so the laundry is finally drying. Hi Mom, Dad, & Justin, love you all!" -Kayla S.