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 We have begun foot washing!

We have begun foot washing!

Hello! This is Anya Hockenberry. Today is June 12th. We are still situated at the Teen Missions Tanzania base, but we had a day off base and have begun foot washing! 
 On Sunday we visited an Evangelical Pentecostal church a ten minute drive from the base, on back roads and in a rural area. The team members prepared a 30-minute presentation, including what we practiced at Boot Camp and songs we sing here. The drama team practiced diligently on Saturday and performed well; Bryson A, Ellia M, Kathryn S, Kayla S, Neylan J, Ellie D, Simon O, and Maranatha R followed music cues and showed expression beautifully. Afterwards, Mia O gave her testimony, and Josh H preached a sermonette. The congregation sang Yesu Ni Wangu, a Swahili song that we learned at Boot Camp, and danced. 
Sunday afternoon, the team went to a freshwater spring twenty minutes from the base. The drive was bumpy, and we got to see village life in Africa. The spring had a rope swing, and they kept trying to do midair flips. We ate potatoes and eggs before going home. It’s winter here, so the sky grows dark around 7pm. By 8:45pm, when we have evening devotions, team members are a little tired, but the time is so sweet. Yesterday, Lydia J told her testimony and read her favorite verse, James 1:2-4. 
Today, team members got to foot wash for the first time today. Children around the base came to us around 2:30pm, and foot washing ended around 7pm. Kathryn S was one of eight foot washers today; she washed about seven children’s feet. She said they were so happy and full of smiles to get new shoes; some would start to take their old shoes off before the water was ready! After washing their feet with soap and clean water, she measured their feet and told a runner what size to get. While they waited, she and the child played hand clapping games and chatted. The schoolchildren spoke English and talked about their families and what they liked to do. “It was really nice to just get out and be around people.” 
 We bought hot tea and honey, which helps with coughs and runny noses. We have two weeks left in country and want to foot wash as often as possible. Please pray that many people come, from infants to adults, and that we have the courage to witness to them, as well as wash feet. All teen missions policies are upheld. God bless! 
“Yesterday, we went to a Tanzanian church and had the opportunity to do a presentation, during which I preached a sermonette. It was very interesting to see how passionately the nationals were singing, dancing, praying, etc. And my final comment is…hi mom.” -Josh H. 
“Tanzania is so much fun. I love the people here because they are so happy, giving, caring, and joyful. I definitely wanna come back because I feel called to this place. My relationship with Go has grown so much. I love serving the people here; they are so selfless. All of my teammates have been my family for the past few weeks, and they are my brothers and sisters. The leaders are amazing. This has been my favorite summer in Teen Missions. I’m living in the moment. I miss my family and girlfriend, I love them so much. See ya soon. Having fun. I can’t wait to share what amazing things God has done in my life. God bless.” -Nathan E

Tanzania #1

Our twenty team members are working hard. On Day 1, we registered, learned names, got to know one another, and put up with the afternoon thunderstorm.

The team finished puppetry and carpentry classes...

The team finished puppetry and carpentry classes on Friday, June 18th. The team had five days straight of puppets and learned to hold a stage, move a puppet's mouth, and dance to Sunday school songs.

Tanzania Foot Wash 21009

Today is the last day of classes. We're finishing music with a presentation, drama, and advanced evangelism with plenty of practice and critique. In advanced evangelism, students learn about the Bible and how to evangelise to people, using logic, hospitality, confrontation, and more. Mr. Peterson shows them video examples of evangelism and 5-10 minutes of one-on-one practice.

Greetings from Tanzania!

Greetings from Tanzania! This is Anya Hockenberry. All 19 team members, 4 leaders, and luggage have safely arrived a 7pm last night.

Greetings from Tanzania!

Greetings from Tanzania! This is Anya Hockenberry. We are at the Teen Mission base in a rural area outside the city Moshi. This team report is from July 1st, 2021.

Greetings from Tanzania!

Foot washing will begin July 12th, for now, team members learn about the everyday lives of missionaries; that is their project until the social distancing lifts. Today, team members went with BMW students and staff members to the bean fields, learning how to harvest and peel beans. The cool morning air made the work enjoyable, and the huge pile of stalks testified to their work. The staff and students have an evening service after dinner, and last night, we joined them for worship and the Word.

Greetings from the Tanzania Teen Missions Base! This is Anya H., reporting on July 12th, 2021.

The team members learn more about BMW life and help with their work. The soybean harvest is finished, and now comes the task of separating the stalks from the fruit. This work can be done sitting down, and they’re enjoying it.

Good morning from Tanzania!

We’ve foot washed three times, once on the base, and twice off. It’s a 4-5 hour event, including set up and tear down. We go to locations where the Teen Missions staff teach Saturday schools.

Good afternoon from the Tanzania Team!

Friday’s trip to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area was a smashing success.

Good afternoon from Tanzania!

Days are growing sunny as the winter winds down; when clouds permit, we have a stunning Kilimanjaro to behold.