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4 more days!!!

4 more days!!!

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Boot Camp is almost over, and the excitement on our team is tangible. They are so excited to get to use all of their new skills on the field. Just at lunch today, they were discussing which puppet performances they want to do in the orphanage in Fiji. We will be going to Fiji equipped with carpentry skills, steel tying, blocklaying, music, drama, puppets, Sunday School, and advanced evangelism. Not to mention all of the other skills they have acquired by going through the Boot Camp program (bucket laundry, walking in a tight line, etc).

This past weekend, all of Boot Camp was treated with pizza and a milkshake, followed by the movie, "Facing the Giants." While everyone thoroughly enjoyed the treats, we didn't get to bed until much later than what they were used to. That made Monday an extra hard day with leaders and team members all struggling to stay awake. No worries though, the energy is definitely back today! Our team loves to sing the song, "Whether it Rains," all throughout the day, especially when they are doing some kind of construction project. We told them that as long as they are working, they can sing to their heart's content, and that is exactly what they are doing!

We are definitely growing closer as a team more and more everyday. It is really neat to watch and experience. We have lots of moments of laughter and joy as a team. I have also observed them keeping each other accountable in several different ways. They are a great bunch! Not only are they growing closer to each other, but God is truly working in their hearts as well and they are growing closer to him too.

From the team:

Sup! This is Reese. Boot Camp has been super challenging, but fun. We've gotten the pool twice and we've also gotten two team SBs (Special Blessings). I'm definitely very excited for the field and I'm grateful for y'all's prayers while we go halfway across the world! Love y'all and miss y'all! - Reese C.

Boot Camp is pretty decent. We've been learning and growing as a team throughout our time here. It is awesome to see our progress on the obstacle course. The classes are great and I have learned lots. Learning more about God every day leaves me feeling refreshed. - Josh D.

All of the Fiji team members have arrived and settled in!

BULAH! All of the Fiji team members have arrived and settled in! They had a typical Florida welcome with an afternoon thunderstorm followed by heat and mosquitos.

BULAH! Only nine more days of Boot Camp!

BULAH! Only nine more days of Boot Camp! Last night at rally, our team started the "Ten More Days" chant until all of Boot Camp joined them. They have been more creative with their team cheers in the past at Rally, even having done a cheer to the tune of the Farmers Insurance's jingle

MOCE (goodbye) Boot Camp!

Today is the last day of classes and we are all thinking about and anticipating pack-out. For the next two days, we will help to tear down Boot Camp and pack all of our supplies for Fiji. Our pack-out assignment tomorrow is going to be taking down Big Top 2 and preparing all of the food we are taking with us.

The Fiji team has arrived safely in Fiji.

The Fiji team has arrived safely in Fiji. They will be doing a report in the next few days.

Bula! We have arrived safely to Fiji and settled in!

Bula! We have arrived safely to Fiji and settled in! We are loving the beautiful property and weather here. There are coconuts, grapefruit, lemons, and sugarcane all around. Matthias has been showing the team how to open and eat the coconuts. The beautiful Sleeping Giant mountain makes a gorgeous background for our devotions and Bible studies. Our God is truly an artist!

In our first week here..

In our first week here, we are well on our way to having the footer for the fence dug. The team has come up with creative ways to be efficient while they dig, like making a train with different tools and of course singing lots of songs. We have also painted several bunk beds and the walls of a dorm building. We still have some more painting to go, but we have a good start on that project as well. The bunk beds are being painted a jungle green and we are seeing that color show up everywhere now, like on boots and in hair!

Work is well underway here in Fiji!

The trench for our fence footer is completely dug and leveled. Now we are cutting rebar and steel tying to create the “bones” for our concrete. We got the first section of concrete poured yesterday. The team is very thankful for their Boot Camp training that gave them the skills and knowledge to be able to complete this work project. We are starting to cut lumber to create special forms in certain parts of the trench for the concrete. The team is tackling all the different jobs well.

Mix and pour, mix and pour, mix and pour, and repeat!

Our project continues to be more of the same, but our team is doing a great job of maintaining a hard work ethic no matter how mundane the task. Though they may be sick of seeing concrete, they are still having fun and doing all that they do to the glory of Christ! They set a new record today and mixed a batch of concrete in 8 minutes!

The footer for our fence is completely poured!

We are praising God for the strength and energy He gave us to tackle that goal today. Mr. Brandon wasn’t confident that we would finish pouring the footer since we only had a half day of work, so the team was determined to prove him wrong! They worked hard and finished before lunch and were quite pleased with themselves.

Serving the Lord here in Fiji is a blast!!

We have had so much fun the past few days. Friday night, we had another fun night with a local youth group. We had a curry supper together followed by Bible trivia and a devotional from Autumn B. She did an amazing job sharing her testimony and pointing us all to Christ. After that, we played tug of war and volleyball with ice cream to end the evening. Our team has been clicking well with this youth group and friendships are forming.

We are working hard and playing hard here in Fiji!

After cutting the poles to size with an angle grinder, the team used a hammer drill to make a hole to place them all in our footer. They did a great job with all of the power tools! Dawson M., Michael M., and Josh D. have been working together to use a welder and weld the poles together. As I type, the last pieces are being put together. The only thing left to do is add the chain link and secure it! We are so happy to be leaving behind more of a fence than when we arrived! Our dedicated painters are now putting all the nice new green bunks back where they found them. The camp is looking good and ready to house more groups!

Fiji Team Arrived at Teen Missions

Fiji 22002 Photos