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Big Boot Camp has started!

On Tuesday (06-18) the rest of the 2024 teams arrived. Arrival day was super busy with our team all over the place. We had a group at the airport sprinting around greeting team members and helping unaccompanied minor team members.  They got to enjoy some airport fast food.  A  secon group was here at the Lord's Boot Camp helping team members as they arrived by car.  They escorted team members and parents to the big top where their teams awaited them. 
Team Malawi started their Boot camp jobs today (6/20) and we as leaders have been racing around the property trying to keep up with the fluid and incredibly busy schedules of the team. They each have their schedules and people that they report to so the excitement of having this responsibility is a shared experience among the team.  Thankfully we are all together for meals. 
Elena, Shannon, Dalton, and Josiah N. were all hand-picked for the Drama class.  They are helping the drama teachers instruct the other teams on the specific movements and placements. The dramas will be used in the field as a unique way to spread the Gospel.  Luke and Elijah are working in Puppet class.  We are excited to see them share their skills and enthusiasm with team members and to know that these skills will be taken around the world to not only entertain kids but to share the Good News of the Gospel.  Audrey and Bismark were also hand-picked to work in Music classes helping teams craft their team presentation. The Presentation is a great way for the teams to share a polished presentation with testimonies, songs, puppets, and creativity.  Sammy, Josiah E., Anna, Cadence, and Mattias have been working very hard mixing concrete and working on the Land Crew. They are tasked with teaching Concrete Mixing classes and basic Carpentry classes as well as working under the groundskeeper to keep Boot Camp operating smoothly.  They are each happy to be working outside and with their hands.  Ben, Helen, and Bea are assigned to a job that's new to the Leader Development Team (LDT): working with the Preteen team.  Their willingness to work with the younger team members is greatly appreciated by the Preteen leaders.  Allison and Alex are working hard in the Boot Camp store, restocking Gatorade, t-shirts, postcards, bandanas, hopefully, a lot of deodorant, and lots of other stuff for kids to buy.  As a team leadership, we are excited to see our LDT team members' spirits high as they gather for lunch.  It's a very warm day today so we are thankful that we have had 9 days to acclimatize to the heat and humidity.  We are always thankful for cloud cover and excited for rain.  We are always encouraging our team members to drink lots of water and alternate with hydration powder in their water.  We are extremely grateful for a benefactor who sent us 6 big cans of Gatorade.  We also have Propel that the team members have access to. 
Each night we end with a Rally.  It's a favorite part of the day that we look forward to.  Last night we heard from Seth Phippen who preached on Romans 8.  Several of our team members enjoyed being asked to help the Preteens with motions to the songs because they couldn't see our team up front who were demonstrating song motions. The Preteen leaders commented on their enthusiasm.  We are hoping to be invited to send team members to the other side of the Big Top to help with motions too.  The Rally is live-streamed each evening and we would love it if you would watch as we participate.  It starts at 7 pm eastern time.  Here is a link to the Teen Missions YouTube page so you can see the live stream.  When you're on the page, choose either videos or live.
Did you know that you can email your team members?  Use our team number: 24009, your team members' 1st initial and last name, so it'll look like this:  Each page costs the team member 25 cents so fill the page with news and encouragement but please don't send things that will worry your team member.  Pictures will be sent but please send a small version because they often print big.  
The team is bonding and getting to know each other.  We as a team leadership are thankful for each team member.  We are also extremely thankful for your prayers as we face each challenge each day.  
Some notes from team members: 
Mattias says, "This team has a very working spirit and it's nice to work alongside them". 
Bismark says, "The evening rally has been off the charts. I am enjoying the corporate worship because it's just not me but instead the whole team together."

Alex says, "I have very much enjoyed serving this year.  It feels more meaningful than last year."

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