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Boot Camp is off to a wonderful start!

Boot Camp is off to a wonderful start!

We, as a leadership team, are thoroughly enjoying your teens. Tuesday everyone arrived safely before dinner. We were able to have time to get to know one another and start work on our Bible memory verses. It was exciting to see the team interact the first night at dinner and free time before the rally. We went around our eating-site circle and asked each person to introduce themselves and tell us something unique or interesting about themselves. It is so fun to hear what they have in common, and this gave them all an idea of things they wanted to know more about one another during their free time.

Wednesday was Orientation Day, and we had a chance to run the Obstacle Course (OC). They ran together as a team and encouraged one another along the way. We also had some some free time in the afternoon to take our first bath and do some laundry. It was so encouraging to see every one work together and encourage each other in all of these "new" activities. Our dishline servant, Sabrina, was ill, so Anna P, Peyton B, Andrea J, and Micah W gave up some of their free time to help. Seeing their servant hearts right out of the gate was such an encouragement to the leaders. The blessing to us is that we have 19 team members who are all working together and putting their teamwork skills to good use winning the "clean" award Wednesday night. This accomplishment means that Thursday we will be eating dinner in the Training Kitchen and enjoying some sort of cold treat!

Thursday morning when we ran the OC and were assigned the Wall labeled Anxiety. Each day we are assigned a different Wall. The team worked hard to be prepared last night and this morning they were out of their tents so quickly that we spent some extra prayer time as a team before the OC. Kendall B asked if she could pray and she asked God to help our team to glorify Him in how we ran the course. Afterwards we talked about the beautiful choice of words and the truth of our need to glorify God in all that we do each day. I then told them the name of the Wall we would be going over and we stopped to pray for the anxieties that some of us are facing being here in a new place, doing new things, and getting to know new people.

It has been raining in the afternoons and evenings, which has provided some relief from the heat. Please continue to pray for our team. They are doing a wonderful job and we are so excited to be able to lead your children this summer. They are a lot of fun and such a blessing to each of us.

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