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Final Report From Bootcamp!

We are in the final stretch of boot camp!
This is our final day of training and then we are getting ready to pack out for the field. This will be our last report before the field!

Over the last few days we have been wrapping up our classes. This week the kids got to start some new classes. They participated in Advanced Evangelism, Puppets and Balloons class.
The kids have been able to learn about the techniques of sharing the gospel with people, and have been given the opportunity to practice leading others to the Lord. Puppets and balloons have been some lighter classes the kids enjoy. In balloons class the kids are able to create different animals and shapes with the balloons. They really enjoyed these classes

The kids are getting excited about heading out to Montana.

“Amazing things are happening in the hearts of the kids on our team. Having problems with an anxious heart.” - Trinity A.

The people are great, the food is alright…”- Candice C.

“The food is amazing. Bootcamp is amazing. My team is very nice.There are lots of mosquitoes.My leaders are very caring. It’s not very hot this year. Everything is dirty” - Elijah E.

“Mom, I miss you so much! I love you and can’t wait to see you again. Love you so much”- Megan S.

“Boot camp is hard! But amazing!You get a chance to leave the world behind; your phone, your influences ect. And be surrounded by teens and leaders chasing after God! The training is wonderful and the discipleship priceless ( though not without struggle) Overall wonderful.” - Emily

“Everytime I go to teen missions, I grow spiritually and emotionally. It's only been under a week, but I can already tell how much I’ve grown. I'm glad that I decided to come again.” - Ella J.

“Hey Everyone! Boot camp is pretty hard with mosquito bites. It’s going well other than that. I miss everybody. Hope you are all okay” - Sarah

“Hello, Boot camp is not too hard. I just dislike the heat. Don’t have too much fun without me” - Phoenix

“Greetings from Boot Camp! Serving the Lord is such a privilege. The worship and devotions are so encouraging. I’m looking forward to our time on the field” - Hannah


All 24 team members have safely arrived and have their feet on Boot Camp soil. Over the last two days, the team has been in many long hours of orientation classes. Boot Camp can be quite a shock to many young people. During orientation the kids were briefed on: drama class and the skill of improvisation, devotions and the need for personal walk with the Lord, the basics of the Obstacle Course and many other classes that will be critical for thriving as a missionary.

Good Afternoon from the Montana Team!

Montana — We have come through a sopping few days. Although the skies have been cloudy and full of storms, the team's spirits have been high.

Greetings from team Montana!

We have officially come through the first week of boot camp!
This first week has flown by! The kids have ended some of their classes, such as blocklaying, carpentry and drama.

Arrived in Montana!

Arrived to Montana Bible College with a warm welcome.

High Mountains, High Spirits

The Montana team is adjusting to the drastic climate and elevation change. As we are coming into the end of our first week, the team is experiencing dry heat with 30% humidity and an elevation of 4,820 feet above sea level . This is a gigantic change from the very high humidity levels experienced, at bootcamp, and the elevation level of 3 feet. Even though this has proven to be a challenge for some of the kids they are pulling through, and showing us that they are truly dedicated workers.

Fourth of July Fun!

It is a chilly day here in Montana! Ít is 63 degrees with a touch of rain. This past holiday weekend has been filled with many activities. Saturday afternoon the team was able to practice for our very first presentation, unfortunately we were unable to perform with the originally planned church. After we finished working Saturday we were able to take a beautiful half mile hike to the Palisades Falls. The pathway up to the waterfall was a paved road mostly uphill with beautiful scenery on every side. When we got to the waterfall the team enjoyed climbing up the rock face to better see the beautiful creation that the Lord made.

The Montana Team takes on week two!

Greetings from Montana!
We have been working hard here at the Montana Bible College base! We have been working on many of the same projects as last week. We have finished one of the dorms, and have started working on painting other dorms. Some of the other team members have also been able to start painting the railings around campus.

Day of Rest, Day of Presentations.

This weekend team Montana was able to do their very first presentation! We were blessed with the opportunity to be able to attend Manhattan Bible Church yesterday. The team was excited and a little nervous to be able to perform for the Jr. & Sr. High group at the church. We spent four hours practicing on Saturday for our hour-long presentation.

Evangelism Work in Montana

We are heading into our final week and a half of being in Montana!

The Beginning of the End

Has the last week really come upon us already? Here we are in the last week of our time in Montana! What an adventure it has been!

Bison and Elks and Bears - Oh My!

Here we are folks, the final report from the project field in Montana! We are excited to say that we will see you all in a little over a week!