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Good Afternoon from the Montana Team!

Good Afternoon from the Montana Team!

Good Afternoon from the Montana Team!

We have come through a sopping few days. Although the skies have been cloudy and full of storms, the team's spirits have been high.

Over the last few days, the teams have been taking part in daily classes. On a typical day, their afternoon classes are Carpentry and Music. In Carpentry, they have been learning to measure, cut and nail. Yesterday we worked on nailing in 90 degree angled boards; this has been a complication for many. But the team conquered it in high spirits. In Music class, we are practicing our setup for our field presentations. The team has been working on two songs. These songs are “Rock, Sword, Shield ” and “I Will Call Upon the Lord”. The team enjoyed singing learning the hand motions to the song. They are starting to sound great!

The team has been greatly enjoying the Obstacle Course; they have been progressing each day. At first many of the kids were falling into the Slough, but we are happy to say that very few kids fell in today. The Wall has proved to be the biggest obstacle for the team; we have only been able to get six kids over the wall. Although this may not seem like a large number it is a huge accomplishment for the team. The Wall boosts the morale of the team and encourages them to keep reaching for their goals.

Due to the rain, the team has not been eating in their eating site and has been able to eat under the Big Top. The team enjoys this because this allows them to eat outside of the weather and allows them to socialize with other teams. Last night Montana did Ran From The Devil against Honduras. Run From the Devil is an obstacle game where the participants are harnessed to a bungee cord. They must race against the opposing team while pulling against the bungee cord. The goal is to place a velcro ball and score the highest. Montana came in first in this race! The team loved taking part in this activity.

“Boot camp is all about getting close to the Lord, teamwork and enjoying yourself” -Kayla C.

“Boot Camp is a challenge but it feels really good to know that I’m preparing to serve the Lord. I don't think I will regret coming here.” -Ellie H.

“Boot camp is truly inspiring and is so much fun! It teaches you a lot. I got a little homesick, but I will be fine. ( Hi Mom!) - Madison Q.

Boot camp is so awesome! There are times I miss home so much, but the presence of the Lord is so strong that it makes me at ease. Everything has been a challenge but praying and pushing through has helped me get through. This is definitely the best decision I've made in my life. Teen Missions is truly life-changing and I can't wait to see what God has in store for the field”- Jake T.

“Boot camp is pretty legit. Everything is broken down into letters. For example, the Obstacle Course is the “OC” etc...The food is great. Great leaders and kids.” - Matthew H.

We look forward to sharing more stories with you next week!