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Greetings from HOT, HOT, and dry Florida...

Greetings from HOT, HOT, and dry Florida...

Greetings from HOT, HOT, and dry Florida, but we know that it is preparing us for the heat in India! We would love some rain to cool things off!

Our team continues to do well. The Preteens arrived on Tuesday and they have really enjoyed working with them. The days are long and they are tired at the end of the day. Being in dorm rooms instead of tents is a big plus with the heat! The highlight of everyone's day is the rallies. If you are not watching them, please go to YouTube and search for Teen Missions live rallies. It begins at 7 PM EST.

It was also a sad week for us in that one of our team members had to switch off of our team due to passport/visa issues. Even though we knew that God put him there for a reason (and with us for a reason), it was still hard on the team. He is now on the South Africa team, so the team gets to see him quite a bit. He has adjusted well to his new team and is proving to be a "leader among his peers". That has helped our team adjust to not having him with us.

Thank you for your prayers. We will have one team member waiting on her visa, so please pray that it gets processed quickly.

Here are some testimonies:

Hello Friends and Family! The LDT Boot Camp was really good. The classes and work we did were a blessing. We have been working hard at various jobs for this Boot Camp. I love my team and we all can't wait to get to India! I miss you all! - Bethany

Hey everyone! LDT has been absolutely amazing and such a blessing! I have learned so much in the past two weeks and made so many new friends. I can't wait to serve in India!!!! -Aiden

Hi Friends and Family! We are having a great time at Boot Camp. It has been a blessing being on this team, strengthening friendships, and making new friends. I enjoy helping with the OC and whatever the staff needs. I'm excited to see what the Lord continues to do this summer. Love, Abby

The India team has arrived in India...

The India team has arrived in India, but not without hiccups. More on that later.

First off, EVERYONE tested negative for Covid which was a blessing! However, we did lose one team member due to passport issues and one due to visa issues. They were both able to be placed on other teams which was a God miracle.

Greetings from hot India!

Greetings from hot India! Actually, it is not as bad as everyone thought. There are fans in every room and some girls have even said they have gotten cold during the night!

They began the week by teaching the students and interns dramas and puppets. They thoroughly enjoyed it and having done the same thing at Boot Camp, helped with their teaching skills.

And It Is Still Hot In India...

Greetings from India. We have only been here since Tuesday, but we have done so much!

Yesterday the team pulled weeds and prepared two plots of land for planting vegetables which will feed the staff and students. The sun was intense and two showed symptoms of dehydration. We had them rest and gave them a “hydration drink” which perked them right back up. For dinner, everyone was required to drink the hydration drink mixed with Tang (our version of Gatorade).

India LDT 22005