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This is our last report from Vijayawada.

This is our last report from Vijayawada.

The team is packing as I write and so begins the “long good- bye”. I know without a doubt that I am not ready for this...

It has been a busy week. We did presentations in a different village on Saturday and another presentation in another area of our village (which was a short drive away) last night. Last night, the drama involved some from our team and some of the students. They also did the “children’s dance” that they have been practicing and did a great job! The people there had Sprite and Thumbs Up (their version of Coke) along with snacks for the team after their presentation. There were a LOT of pictures taken with the villagers. The students attended our last Grubby To Grace class this week!

The team finished up on the various projects that they had started in the area. The staff fed us a delicious lunch yesterday (Tuesday) and will be feeding us on Wednesday for dinner. The weather is back to HOT and sunny. It is great for getting our clothes dry before we travel. We have instructed the team to be careful what they pack in their carry-ons, unless they want to wear the same thing for the next four days...We all learned a lot from Faith’s “still lost bag”. We will be going to the airport soon for one last effort to get the compensation. We are praying that it will be at the Delhi Airport when we arrive! She has not complained once about this major inconvenience. Not sure I would have that great of an attitude...

Last night for our evening devotions, Raj, the Coordinator of Teen Missions In India, presented his testimony and how God brought him out of a very dark place in his life through the ministry of Teen Missions In India. It was a very moving testimony that touched all of us. Afterwards, they presented each team member with a plague. That was such a blessing to all of us. We will never forget our summer here in India, especially the people and the precious staff and students that we all grew to know and love.

EARLY tomorrow morning, we will have coffee cake and hard-boiled eggs, then devotions before leaving for the airport. We plan to arrive at the airport at 6:30 AM for our morning flight to Delhi (please pray for safety and that all of our bags will arrive!). We will be staying in a hotel for two days/nights (with a swimming pool). We will spend some time shopping in Delhi and will pack up and leave for the Taj Mahal on Saturday morning. We will go from there directly to the airport. Our flight for Frankfurt leaves at 2 AM and we will have about five hours there if the flight is on time. From there, we will fly directly to Orlando, arriving in the early evening.

You will receive a five-minute phone call from your kids once we arrive at the base, but it probably won’t be until the next day. Either way, please answer any calls from a 321 area code. The office will let you know on the website when we arrive.

Thank you for allowing us the privilege of having your children on our team. Words could never express the joy, laughter and love that we have experienced from each and every one of them. And to see the spiritual growth in the team members blessed our hearts. Please pray for us as we go through the process of “letting them go”. Goodbyes are so, so hard, but we would never trade this summer for anything!


Hi Everyone! We have been so blessed by the people here. The BMW students have given us many opportunities to learn new things such as an Indian dance, a song in Telagu and a game. A minor stomach bug has been going around and many of us had a day “off” to recover. Most of us are feeling better and are taking it slow. As we wrap up our time here in India, I am very sad to go but am joyful knowing we got to share the Gospel with so many people. Cheers! Megan

The last few days have been so much fun! As we come to the end of our time here in India, I can see all the work God has done through us. Throughout our time here, we have been able to bless the community and many churches through painting the churches, etc. There has been some sickness (me included), but I can see the Lord working through it all! I am so blessed to see God working in and through us! -Eli

Receiving the necklaces from the The kkeannll house was a blessing. I wasn’t able to convince Mr. Paul to let me stay in India and visit. We have had some down time which has given me time to think. If you feel like quitting, remember why you started. “Chasing” by NF. Cheers! Simon S.

Hi Everybody! It is crazy that the summer is almost done! I loved my time here, and I am sad to leave. The people are always so nice and thankful. I am going to miss the coffee breaks and will probably never like my other coffee again. I’m not going to lie, I really miss trampolines...We just finished our last day of work and will clean everything up tomorrow, so the building will look spiffy when we are done! -Huddy

Greetings from HOT, HOT, and dry Florida...

Our team continues to do well. The Preteens arrived on Tuesday and they have really enjoyed working with them. The days are long and they are tired at the end of the day. Being in dorm rooms instead of tents is a big plus with the heat! The highlight of everyone's day is the rallies.

The India team has arrived in India...

The India team has arrived in India, but not without hiccups. More on that later.

First off, EVERYONE tested negative for Covid which was a blessing! However, we did lose one team member due to passport issues and one due to visa issues. They were both able to be placed on other teams which was a God miracle.

Greetings from hot India!

Greetings from hot India! Actually, it is not as bad as everyone thought. There are fans in every room and some girls have even said they have gotten cold during the night!

They began the week by teaching the students and interns dramas and puppets. They thoroughly enjoyed it and having done the same thing at Boot Camp, helped with their teaching skills.

And It Is Still Hot In India...

Greetings from India. We have only been here since Tuesday, but we have done so much!

Yesterday the team pulled weeds and prepared two plots of land for planting vegetables which will feed the staff and students. The sun was intense and two showed symptoms of dehydration. We had them rest and gave them a “hydration drink” which perked them right back up. For dinner, everyone was required to drink the hydration drink mixed with Tang (our version of Gatorade).

Greetings from India, where it remains hot, hotter and hottest.

We are thankful for the daily afternoon (and sometimes in the middle of the night) rains which cool everyone down. And the powerful fans are such a blessing in allowing us to sleep. Now, if we could just get the geckos out of the girls' rooms...

And It Is Cool And Rainy...

Greetings from cool and rainy India. We are surprised at the drop in temperatures which makes it so much more comfortable. Having been to India several times during the summer, I cannot remember experiencing rain like we have this summer. A couple of the boys learned a lesson in that they need to bring in their church clothes to dry before Sunday morning if they are still wet from the rain. We are enjoying the cooler weather, but we would like for our laundry to dry!

The sun is back out and the temperatures are climbing!

And the sun is back out and the temperatures are climbing! It is still a comfortable high 80's to low 90's with the winds. A week from today, we will be in Delhi. It is hard to believe—the time has really flown by.
And the sun is back out and the temperatures are climbing! It is still a comfortable high 80's to low 90's with the winds. A week from today, we will be in Delhi. It is hard to believe—the time has really flown by.

India LDT 22005

India LDT Photos # 2