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Greetings from hot India!

Greetings from hot India!

Greetings from hot India! Actually, it is not as bad as everyone thought. There are fans in every room and some girls have even said they have gotten cold during the night!

They began the week by teaching the students and interns dramas and puppets. They thoroughly enjoyed it and having done the same thing at Boot Camp, helped with their teaching skills.

The team spent the past two mornings painting a building where they held their India Boot Camp this past May. Last night the team divided up and walked up and down the streets of our village handing out tracts. It was so encouraging to see their enthusiasm in interacting with the nationals. Afterwards, they did a presentation of puppets and singing followed by making balloons for the children. The balloons were a big hit. And to think we only hit 1/4 of the village. We will be going out to the other 3/4 over the next few days.

The Coordinators of India provided an Indian meal yesterday for lunch. The team enjoyed it. Aiden especially loved the spicy food. A couple of them turned bright red and were consuming a ton of water, but most enjoyed it. We really appreciate the kindness of our Coordinators. They provide fresh milk from water buffalos every morning and are quick to take care of our needs.

We are still missing two personal bags, but the girls have been troopers by sharing their clothes and making sure both girls had everything they needed. Please pray that the bags arrive tomorrow.

Here are some testimonies:

Dear Family and Friends, It is pretty hot here, but we're surviving and having a great time. Last night we got to go out into the village and share testimonies, sing songs and just spend time with the people here. It has been such a fulfilling experience and I can't wait to see what God has in store for the rest of our summer. -Simon O.

As our time in Vijayawada starts, I am so thankful for everything we have already been able to do here. So far, we have painted the place where the Indian Boot Camp was held this year, taught the drama "Colors" to the Bible school students, handed out tracts in the village and had an open-air presentation for the locals. -Ben

These past few days in India have felt unreal. There is so much joy here amongst our team and the people. The first day, we were given the opportunity to teach the Bible school students here the drama, "Color" and also puppets. I have loved getting to interact with the people and the kids. One of my favorite things is when some of the kids will come to our gate and wave with the biggest smiles on their faces. It makes my heart so happy. Last night we did our first street presentation for the people in the village. It was amazing! When we walked around, all the kids followed us and asked us our names and told us theirs. It is my favorite thing to see the kids smile and listen to them talk. I love the weather. It is really hot and I am not sad about that. Every day has challenges and its blessings, but there is never a dull day here in India! -Halee

Hi Everybody! I have really enjoyed being on the LDT team. I know the summer is only partway through, but God has already taught me so much about becoming a leader. Something I have learned is that I am in desperate need of God's strength. Trying to do Boot Camp, much less life on my own is pointless. Some verses that have encouraged me are I Corinthians 1:26-27 which talks about God using the weak things. I am so grateful that even though I am so weak, He is so strong! -Faith

Greetings from HOT, HOT, and dry Florida...

Our team continues to do well. The Preteens arrived on Tuesday and they have really enjoyed working with them. The days are long and they are tired at the end of the day. Being in dorm rooms instead of tents is a big plus with the heat! The highlight of everyone's day is the rallies.

The India team has arrived in India...

The India team has arrived in India, but not without hiccups. More on that later.

First off, EVERYONE tested negative for Covid which was a blessing! However, we did lose one team member due to passport issues and one due to visa issues. They were both able to be placed on other teams which was a God miracle.

And It Is Still Hot In India...

Greetings from India. We have only been here since Tuesday, but we have done so much!

Yesterday the team pulled weeds and prepared two plots of land for planting vegetables which will feed the staff and students. The sun was intense and two showed symptoms of dehydration. We had them rest and gave them a “hydration drink” which perked them right back up. For dinner, everyone was required to drink the hydration drink mixed with Tang (our version of Gatorade).

Greetings from India, where it remains hot, hotter and hottest.

We are thankful for the daily afternoon (and sometimes in the middle of the night) rains which cool everyone down. And the powerful fans are such a blessing in allowing us to sleep. Now, if we could just get the geckos out of the girls' rooms...

And It Is Cool And Rainy...

Greetings from cool and rainy India. We are surprised at the drop in temperatures which makes it so much more comfortable. Having been to India several times during the summer, I cannot remember experiencing rain like we have this summer. A couple of the boys learned a lesson in that they need to bring in their church clothes to dry before Sunday morning if they are still wet from the rain. We are enjoying the cooler weather, but we would like for our laundry to dry!

The sun is back out and the temperatures are climbing!

And the sun is back out and the temperatures are climbing! It is still a comfortable high 80's to low 90's with the winds. A week from today, we will be in Delhi. It is hard to believe—the time has really flown by.
And the sun is back out and the temperatures are climbing! It is still a comfortable high 80's to low 90's with the winds. A week from today, we will be in Delhi. It is hard to believe—the time has really flown by.

This is our last report from Vijayawada.

The team is packing as I write and so begins the “long good- bye”. I know without a doubt that I am not ready for this...

India LDT 22005

India LDT Photos # 2