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Hello friends and family of the Brazil team!

Hello friends and family of the Brazil team!

Despite some very hot days, the team has done a lot of work on the church add on. The team dug holes to build forms for the concrete supports. They also have laid bricks for the crawl space under the building. They also worked on some flower beds. Currently we are getting ready to pour the floor. This involves moving 65 bags of cement to the church from the house (about a 1/4 of a mile). 

We're hoping to pour the floor on Thursday. It feels like a nearly impossible task, but we're relying on the Lord for it to get done. The team will have to constantly mix concrete, to make the floor even. This means that lunch and breakfast will be brought to the worksite, quickly scarfed down. It will be a long day.

Please pray for strength, safety, diligence and effectiveness on the worksite when we pour the floor (hopefully Thursday).

The team got to do a presentation at a new church on Sunday night. The kids really enjoyed the worship and fellowship. The church played a lot of Portuguese Hillsong. 

The team has really enjoyed the wildlife in the local area. The team has seen monkeys, tarantulas, lizards, baby birds and ginormous insects. The woods is simply teaming with animals and bugs. 

All in all the team is doing great. They enjoy buying snacks from the store, music, and hanging out with each other. Your kids never stop making the leaders laugh. They have been a blessing to lead! 

Brazil is hot, but not as hot as Florida. About a week ago we got to try some cocoa beans and they were amazing! We've been making lots of progress on the project. We named the tarantula in the boys dorm Kevin. I've enjoyed the awesome churches we've visited. 

I've enjoyed our time in Brazil so far. My favorite part is learning about the local culture and people. I've been learning to rely on God even when there is giant spiders! 

It's very hot. We've been making a lot of progress on the church. We've also had several opportunities to do our presentation at churches and with some kids ministry. I've been making a lot of great friends. 

We are working on building the church. I have seen a lot of spiritual growth in the team. Though we haven't left this area much, we've still had the opportunity to encourage the local church. I ate lasagna. 

I like Brazil more than America. I think that being in Brazil has taught me to be content with whatever I have. The kids around the area are so happy. 

I like it here. I wish thr trip was longer. I'm having a good time! 

It's been hard, but there's been many fruits. I've learned a lot about how the Lord works, and how to look for the ways that He works. I've learned to rely on his strength because it isn't easy. I've had lots of adventure, but most of all I've realized how much home means to me. 

It's been really hot but also really interesting. I enjoy seeing all the wildlife, the birds and the bugs. The river is really pretty, and I really like getting to know the people here. 

It's been really fun. I love getting to know everybody here. Sometimes I forget that I'm in Brazil until I look around me at the tropical trees. The different fruits have been cool. I love the children's ministry we do on Sundays. 

It's been thrilling. I enjoy the hard work. It's a blessing to work with the local people. 



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