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Hello from the Honduras Preteen team!

Hello from the Honduras Preteen team!

Honduras preteen 21071
Emily Brumbelow 
July 12, 2021
Santa Cruz, Honduras 
Hello from the Honduras Preteen team! 
The team continues to do well, and we're excited to be writing this report to you all! The kids have been working hard on their different work projects. They have continued working out in the fields cutting down tall grass. They've also started working on prepping the ground to plant some pineapples. They tilled the ground and raked up the grass. Once they reached their goal they hopped in the truck and went to a local pineapple farm. There they learned how to pick pineapple sprouts that are ready to plant. They got to go through the field picking the ripest looking pineapples. 

The team has also taken time to do some cleaning projects around the base. Especially in the big house where we are staying. We as leaders are doing our best to teach the kids that you need to leave a place better than you found it. 

This past Sunday the kids finally got to leave the base. We had the opportunity to go to a local church and share a presentation and games with a kids' Sunday school. The team had an awesome time! After church they got to stop at a local shop and grab some snacks. They were elated to say the least. 

On the 10th we got to celebrate another birthday, Ryleigh B's! We got to make a cake for her and sing a couple rounds of Happy Birthday. She pretended not to like it, but we know she loved it. 

As we go into our last week here we can hardly believe it. We are encouraging the kids to work their hardest and make the most of their time. 
The weather has continued to be the same. Hot and sunny, and occasional rainstorms thrown in. 

We as a team are so thankful for your continued support and prayers! They are such a blessing to us.
"My experience in Honduras has had its ups and downs, but I have learned to be thankful for everything. On Friday night I would find myself playing soccer with my newly made friends and even the Honduran people. Overall, my experience in Honduras has been great and has helped me be thankful for everything I have and more." Sebastian P

Hello family members of the Honduras preteen team!

We are so excited to be writing this report to you guys—our first report! The team has been at Boot Camp for a week now, and they've already learned a lot.

Hello to the family members of the Honduras Preteen team!

The team seems to be doing well, and unifying together. Today is the last official of training and classes, so they’re doing their best to finish out strong. The team has been asking a lot of questions about Honduras and travel, so we know they’re getting more and more excited to leave. Tomorrow we begin pack out and take down of Boot Camp, and that just makes it all seem more real. We will be flying to Honduras Saturday morning and we can’t wait!

Honduras arrived safely!

We have arrived safely in Honduras and were met by Eleazar.

Greetings to Florida! We're excited to be writing this to you guys from Honduras.

Our travel went as well as can be expected. We definitely had some tight connections, but we praise the Lord that we made them all! At one point we were moving quite quickly through the Houston airport, just to sit on the tarmac for over an hour.

Hello from the Honduras Preteen team!

Wow, we can hardly believe we've already been in Honduras for nearly 5 days! Things have been going very well, and we're enjoying our time here.

Greetings to you all from the Honduras Preteen team!

We're excited to be writing this email to you all! The team is doing well and continues to grow. The work project here on the base is going well. They have successfully torn down two roofs on two cabins. They went around and picked up all the debris from that. They then worked on coating the wooden beams with an insect repellant to prevent termite damage. They did this for both roofs and they also went around and swept the cabins to clear out debris. Today, because of the rain, they worked inside sweeping the main building.

Hello from the Honduras Preteen team!

The team is doing well and working hard! One of the cabins they have been working on is now complete with a new red roof. They did a little bit of digging around the house to make some trenches for the rain. These trenches will help with the runoff from the roofs. To help prevent any flooding or water damage. They have also been cutting grass and tilling the ground to plant pineapples. The grass in certain areas had gotten really tall, so they got to use machetes. Which they all loved!

Honduras Preteen Arrived at Teen Missions Florida

Team Arrived safely last night.

Greetings from the Honduras Preteen team!

The team is doing well and excited to be wrapping up our last few days in Honduras. The team's last few days have been busy with work, and doing their best to finish up the project they started.