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Malawi LD

Things are in full swing here at the Lord's Boot Camp. After a long day and the arrival of the other 15 team members, Miss Gabby arrived back at the Teen Missions base with the last three team members around 8:30pm on Tuesday the 11th. We are thankful the Lord provided safe travel for each person. 

We started our own Leader Development Team (LDT) Boot Camp the morning of the 12th with a prompt 6am wake up. Since then, we have been bonding as a team and attending chapel, classes, and doing things to get ready for the big Boot Camp to start. 

Puppets and drama classes were definitely a highlight of the week. We have a lot of great talent on our team. Each evening we have our own mini rally where Audrey and Bismark play the guitar and Elijah plays the Cahon while they lead worship, then a staff person teaches a devotional. Praising the Lord is a great way to end the day.

Friday, in the afternoon, the team worked diligently to clear a sidewalk that goes from the puppet class building out into the jungle. It was hot work but the mosquitoes were surprisingly light out there in the Florida swamp. Saturday, after Mr. Steve's Advanced Evangelism class and Ms. Shelly's Leadership class from Nehemiah, the team is helping do an assortment of projects around the property.

Sometime in the next day or two the team will get their big Boot Camp job assignments which is where they will be working for the rest of Boot Camp until we pack out to go to Malawi. A few of the expected jobs are puppets, drama, music, working with Preteens, and the land crew.  Surprisingly, there are a few team members excited to work on the land crew. There is much anticipation to find out where they will be working. 

We have two nights left in the tents and the team members are looking forward to our own mini Commissioning Service on the night of the 16th which is followed by moving into the dorms for the rest of our time here. That means no more bucket baths or hot, sweaty tents!! Deodorant is definitely a blessing here at the Lord's Boot Camp! We still want parents and family to come to the big commissioning because we get to light our candles again along with everybody else on June 29th.

The 18th is when the fun begins with the arrival of the rest of the teams. With team members coming in all day, the team will be super busy helping run registration and having their own jobs to make sure that Boot Camp runs smoothly. The team members will be used for airport runs and anywhere else the staff and teams need help.  Flexibility will be our keyword for the day!

Our weather here at the Lord's Boot Camp has been a very typical Florida summer: hot and humid with lots of sporadic rain and thunderstorms throughout the day. Some of the team even sees the rain as a free shower and they have no hesitancy running out and getting soaked. Not to worry Moms... it's warm enough here that nobody gets a chill and the cool down is so very appreciated. We have also learned that when the Lord sends a breeze, it's an amazing blessing!

All of this is fun and there are still many challenges in the next two weeks to overcome; however, throughout it all, we will build team unity and learn that we cannot depend on our own strength but only on the Lord's provision of endurance. Overall, I know that the looming excitement of our overseas Commissioning Service and traveling to Malawi are motivation as well. 

The Lord is moving in our team and we, as eaders, (Tim, Beth, Gabby, & Ethan) are very excited to see how they use their talents and strengths to bless the 2024 Boot Camp. We covet your prayers for our team for spiritual growth, strength, endurance, health, sleep, safety, and teamwork. 

A few notes from our team members:

Dalton: Rain is good while it's here, keeping mosquitoes at bay.

Anna: Hey all! So glad to be here with a team that brings me so much joy and opportunities to make friendships.  Miss you Fam!

Josiah E: I'm learning to be a good leader through good role models. 

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