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Malawi-Kenya-Zambia leaves tomorrow!

We're going somewhere! 
We've started the field portion of our summer! However, we are still down here in sunny Florida for the moment. The Malawi-Kenya-Zambia team is in good spirits after our commissioning pizza party and moving into the dorm rooms! They enjoyed their nice showers and mosquito-free rooms after the past two weeks in tents. We keep calling this our unexpected "Boot Camp Debrief" because we're still working hard, but we've relaxed from the constant go-go-go structure of Boot Camp. 
We have been working hard at taking down Boot Camp. It's weird for everyone to walk around and not see the Big Top in the middle of everything. Today we've been working on finishing up the odds and ends of things that need to be taken down around Boot Camp such as eating sites and the remaining tent sites. 
Yesterday was our memory verse review day. The goal is that by the end of the summer each kid will have memorized forty verses. We have one verse assigned to every day. Sundays, however, we have memory verse review day. They practice all their verses that they have learned thus far and then we do some type of "quizzing," in either a competition format or a one-on-one version. Our kids were exceling at their verse review so we celebrated by spending some much awaited time in the pool! 
The kids are learning the power of being fluid and flexible. The past week we have been trying to go to three different countries, and each time the news of a new change comes in the kids are just excited to learn about a new ministry opportunity. We are communicating with parents and legal guardians with new information as quickly as we are made aware of these changes with flights and will continue to do so to the best of our ability. Please continue to pray for COVID negatives and for safe and effcient travels for our team. They wanted me to send their love to each of you! 
"We are in DORMS! and we had pizza and soda!!" - Fisher E.
"Hey mom, dad, and Eden, thank you for the letters I love them. Boot camp has come to an end and now we have more sleep, dorms, and AC." - Ethan M. 
"We're staying in dorms which is really nice. I'm excited to go to Zambia. I'm having a lot of fun! We're going to be working until we leave on Wednesday." - Aimee B. 

Greetings from Boot Camp from the Malawi team!

Greetings from rainy Florida!

Our kids are adjusting well to Boot Camp! They're still appreciative of the rain every day though it has been a couple of days of flooding. Some of us really enjoy jumping in the puddles. Between that and falling in the Slough during the Obstacle Course, we make sure that we always carry around some dry socks!

Welcome to our first day without rain this week!

Our kids are so excited that they can finally have some dry clothes they have washed. I say clean very liberally—we have had lots of lessons in how to wash clothes in a bucket but it is definitely a learning experience! They are getting better at it each and every day.

We're not going to Malawi?

You read that right! Ladies and gentlemen, the 24 person Malawi team is no longer going to Malawi. The kids saw Mr. Richard Barber, the President of Teen Missions, walking up and you could see a little bit of fear in their eyes.

News From MKZF (Malawi, Kenya, Zambia & Florida)

Hey everyone!! The team is doing good. They have been working hard. There is a list of jobs to do, so with 2 teams on property we are getting it done fast. Mr. Richard jokes about having to keep finding more jobs for us. They are learning to work together. Right now they are forming a sidewalk so we can lay the concrete.

“MKZF takes on Florida (still)”

Hi family and friends! The MKZF team is so grateful for the love and support they receive through mail and prayers!

MKZF Team Reporting for Duty!

Good afternoon!! The MKZF team is very quickly learning the ins and outs of property. It is still weird to be here and not be at boot camp, however the team is figuring out how to make this place more of a home!

"MKZF is out and about!”

As I write this we are on our way back from one of our Florida sightseeing excursions!

It’s been a busy week here on the Teen Missions Florida base!

It’s been a busy week here on the Teen Missions Florida base! The Preteen teams started to arrive last night for debrief so the base is getting busier and more lively! Our kids loved the hustle and bustle of Boot Camp, so I am sure they are excited to have more people on property.

Hello everyone from the MKZF team!

The team is doing great! We are finishing up week four on the field. Preteens came home and we got to serve them by helping in the kitchen. They left today so we have a quiet weekend before first debrief arrives!

Hello from the MKZF team!

Hello from the MKZF team! It’s been an exciting time here at Teen Missions as the teams from the first debrief have begun arriving. It’s so good for everyone to see some of the friends they made at Boot Camp!

Arrival Report

Greetings from Florida! We officially arrived at Debrief. It shockingly looks very similar to the field! Our travel was surprising uneventful and there were no delays in our journey. The team is relaxing by the pool and lake to help their jet lag recovery. They are all very grateful to have not lost any baggage on the way here.