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Mix and pour, mix and pour, mix and pour, and repeat!

Mix and pour, mix and pour, mix and pour, and repeat!

Our project continues to be more of the same, but our team is doing a great job of maintaining a hard work ethic no matter how mundane the task. Though they may be sick of seeing concrete, they are still having fun and doing all that they do to the glory of Christ! They set a new record today and mixed a batch of concrete in 8 minutes! Hearing them sing as they work brings a smile to anyones face. We are about halfway done with pouring concrete into the footer of the fence. Painting continues. There are a LOT of bunk beds and it is a tedious task. Our paint crew continues to be just as diligent and joyful as the concrete/footer crew. Though we do have moments of brief lack of energy and tiredness, it doesn’t take long before someone says, “Alright guys, back to work!” I love observing how they keep each other accountable and encourage one another.

Friday night, we joined a local church’s youth group fun night. Our team and the youth of the town played lots games, including tug of war and heads up seven up! They did sword drills and a devotional was shared. After the fun and games, there was a snack of hot dog sandwiches and tarro root. We look forward to joining them again next Friday for volleyball and a BBQ.

On Sunday, we visited a new church that was a lot more lively than the last church we visited. The praise and worship was a beautiful picture of the body of Christ praising the one and only God! During one of the songs, we walked around and hugged and shook hands. A few of us even received a holy sniff and kiss! Our presentation was well received. I switched up some of the roles, so a few kids were nervous about their new parts, but they all did incredibly well. After the service, the church treated us to a lunch of chicken, sausage, casava, pineapple, watermelon, and juice. It was delicious!

The whole team has had a turn on KP and now they are starting to serve in the kitchen a second time. Todays KP made us cinnamon rolls. Yum! I talk about work a lot, so I just wanted to mention how hard the kitchen crew is working as well!

Addy P.- Hey Mom, Dad, and siblings! I love and miss you all so much. Fiji is super pretty! The work we are doing is fun. I can’t wait to tell y’all all about it!! Love and miss you - Addy

Autumn B.- Hey Ma and Father! Fiji is great the work projects are coming along, so proud of how far the team has come in building the fence. It’s so peaceful here, every view of Fiji is beautiful and the locals are the sweetest! Love you guys, don’t have too much fun without me, see you soon!!!

All of the Fiji team members have arrived and settled in!

BULAH! All of the Fiji team members have arrived and settled in! They had a typical Florida...

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BULAH! Only nine more days of Boot Camp! Last night at rally, our team started the "Ten More...

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The Fiji team has arrived safely in Fiji.

The Fiji team has arrived safely in Fiji. They will be doing a report in the next few days.

Bula! We have arrived safely to Fiji and settled in!

Bula! We have arrived safely to Fiji and settled in! We are loving the beautiful property and...

In our first week here..

In our first week here, we are well on our way to having the footer for the fence dug. The team...

Work is well underway here in Fiji!

The trench for our fence footer is completely dug and leveled. Now we are cutting rebar and steel...

The footer for our fence is completely poured!

We are praising God for the strength and energy He gave us to tackle that goal today. Mr. Brandon...

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