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Philippines LDT

Philippines LDT

Realizing that we will be in Manila this time next week is very bittersweet to us. Everyone is excited about seeing family again, but know that they will miss their “team family” and those who they have come to know here in the Philippines.

Boot Camp is progressing well. The team is doing very well at judging the OC and helping in various classes. While the Filipinos are in class, our team has been working at various projects. Right now, they are pouring concrete (again…) and others have been replanting coconut trees and digging ditches beside the drive up up to the base.

On Tuesday, we celebrated Allison’s 16th birthday. We sang to her at every meal and since her family had sent cards with a leader, she had something to open at every meal. 

On Tuesday, Donovan MC’d the rally and Lupe shared. Both did a great job. Simon shared last night. Rally time is one of the highlights of our day. They begin their rallies with a quiz off. Not only does the quiz off include verses, but also questions about what was taught in that day’s classes. Then they do the Piggy and OC awards. The best part is probably the “cheers”. They practice the cheers throughout the day and also right before rally. It reminds me of a cheer competition, minus the stunts. They are loud and creative. Last night, our team did a cheer and although the quality was definitely not up to their cheers, they did a good job. 

The Filipinos love to praise the Lord! With the loudness of the mics, music and their voices along with the echoing inside the building, it can make you think you are in a stadium.

We had about two “all day” of rain throughout the days. We ended up taking our clothes off the lines and putting them in empty rooms to get them dry. The OC started a little late on both days to ensure they could see well enough through the slick course. Today we woke up to a beautiful sunrise.

Tomorrow our team is running the OC along with some staff and Bible school students. The kids will love watching (and laughing at us) the Americans and their leaders run it. So glad I am too old to run it…:)

Sunday is Commissioning—three more days! Some teams will leave that night and others the next morning. We will have one team serving here. We plan on doing an environmental/community project on Monday and will be including the team staying here. 

The team is doing so well. They continue to have such servant’s hearts. And they are taking “fluid and flexible” to a whole new level!

Hey there! The last couple of days have been really good! The Filipinos Boot Camp started and we have been helping them out. Me and my team have been judging the the Obstacle Course which is very fun. We have been also helping the Filipino staff and volunteers teach some of the Boot Camp classes. All of the kids are so fun to be around. The nightly rallies are the best though. Watching the kids worship God is truly amazing! -Evie

Hi everyone! Boot Camp in the Philippines started and we have been helping them. It is so cool how united in Christ we are. Even if we are different and speak different languages, we will have Christ in common. I am learning a lot! Salamat (thank you) - Geli

It has been raining a lot for the past few days, but we are paying for dry laundry. We have been able to help with the classes and Obstacle Course. I am enjoying seeing the teams unify. Miss and love my family! -Donovan

Hi Family! Happy early Birthday to Lydia! Please tell her I bought her a gift and will give it to her after I get home. We are in the final stretch. See you soon! -Charity

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