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Sharing God's Love in Tanzania

Sharing God's Love in Tanzania

What a week it has been! We have been enjoying the variety of things we get to do to serve the Lord here in Tanzania. On Thursday, we went out to our first Sunday School Circuit. The village was a little over an hour away, and there were about 35-50 children there when we arrived. This particular SS Circuit has been actively praying for a group to come visit them. They know that Teen Missions sends groups, but none had been to their village, so this was an answer to a lot of prayers! The team has put together songs, puppet performances, and dramas that make up a two-hour program. They also play games, give testimonies and at this stop, made balloon animals. We also purchased notebooks and pens/crayons to hand out to all who came, as well as wordless bracelets. The team returned home so excited about what they had just experienced. What a blessing to serve in this way. That evening when they returned, we spent some fun time learning about bible quizzing. As the team continues to memorize 40 verses this summer, we are preparing them for a fun quiz at debrief where we will compete against the other teams that will be there. It is all in fun and they are enjoying the extra practice they are getting to "hide God's Word in their hearts".

Friday, we did some work around the base; more painting and drywall installation. Your children are hard workers. Each day they have worked, they have accomplished all of the tasks that are put before them. It really is fun to see them encourage one another and work hard as a team.

Saturday the team took a bus about 2 ½ hours away to a newer Rescue Unit. There were not as many children there and the interaction was different. The team felt discouraged. They felt like they had failed somehow. We encouraged them to keep working hard and doing their best. Not everyone responds the way we would like, but our call is to serve the Lord and bring glory to Him and that is exactly what they have done.

Sunday, we visited a church in Moshi, about an hour away. Mr. Russell gave the message, and the team did a thirty-minute presentation. They enjoyed this and the BMW students who are here at the base attended with us. It was a fun time of fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ in Tanzania. Afterwards, we got to stop at a convenience store and buy some snacks to enjoy. When we arrived back at the base, the clouds had cleared, and we got our first glimpse of Mt. Kilimanjaro. It was amazing! Our day was spent doing our verse reviews (all of the verses we have learned so far which is 21), writing letters home, our first office Bible Quiz, and then some time just to play games and enjoy one another's company.

This week is another mixed with work and evangelism projects. We appreciate the prayers and miss you all!

Peyton B. Tanzania is awesome. Working with the kids has been a ton of fun. The work project is going well. It's so cool seeing the differences we are making.

Kendall B. Jambo! Just checking in from Tanzania! So far, it's been great! Seeing the people in Tanzania's love for God has been a real faith-boost for me. Can't wait to see you guys again though. Love you, Mom, Dad, Lando, Krit, Jiremet, and Penelope - Kendall

Anna P. What's up dudes! Tanzania is absolutely stunning. Our work project is going well, and I enjoy working with my team. The locals are so joyful. I was so happy to work with the kids at a Sunday School we visited. Enjoying my time here. Love you all

Sela T. I love Tanzania! My team is great, and the country is beautiful. The work is going well and the children we have been able to work with are precious! I'm learning a lot about my relationship with God, and I can't wait to continue!

Catherine N. Hi everyone! The Lord has been so good every single day. The evangelism with the children has been so much fun, especially when they are smiling and laughing. The work at the base has also been good. I love you mom and dad and thank you for everyone's prayers and support. Tanzania is beautiful and God is faithful all the time!

Acelyn W. Tanzania is such a beautiful country. The people are so nice! They all wave as we go by on the bus. Air conditioning and lights are a luxury, but the temperature here is so nice that you don't need it. Loving this experience. God is so good!

Spencer J. Hey y'all, I love it here in Tanzania. I miss all y'all. I's can't wait to see y'all in 2 ½ weeks time. Today was the first time it was clear, so we saw Kilimanjaro. See y'all in SC-Spencer

Lauren K. Hi everyone! Tanzania has been absolutely breathtaking. Our work project has been going well. We have visited a rescue unit and a Sunday school. I loved working with the kids and evangelizing. God has been so good through this whole trip. I have learned so much from Him and my alone time during devos. I love you guys.

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