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The team has been enjoying the final days of Boot Camp

The team has been enjoying the final days of Boot Camp

The team has been enjoying the final days of Boot Camp and is looking forward to the Field! They've been reaching new heights, growing together and getting to know one another well. It's been wonderful to see the spiritual growth in each team member. The leaders are appreciative of the several team members that have become leaders among their peers.

Saturday June 18th, the team enthusiastically cleaned the restrooms, and enjoyed the pool with their teammates afterwards. As week one came to a close, so did their final work classes. After carpentry, concrete, digging, and steel tying class, the team members are prepared and excited to work on the field.

Sunday June 19th, the team enjoyed a Galilean Service on the shores of the twenty-acre lake. The preacher and worship leader were balanced on a boat in the middle of the lake. There was also a beautiful sunrise that the team members enjoyed. Sunday they also relished a break from the regular Boot Camp schedule, and an afternoon swim in the pool. Several also switched around tent partners. That night was also pizza and milkshake night. The team loved the delicious food and watching "Facing the Giants".

This week they have taken Advanced Evangelism each day. They are learning to share their testimony and most importantly the gospel with others. The leaders enjoyed listening to their testimonies and how God has worked in each of their lives. They have been eagerly working to learn during every class.

They have also been continuing puppets and music class this week. Puppets, drama, and music will make up their presentation on the field. They have been preparing the songs My Lighthouse, How Great Thou Art, Holy Spirit, Rock, Sword, Sheild, and Days of Elijah for their presentation. They have been enthusiastic to learn new skills, and try new things.

The team ran the obstacle course (OC) on Tuesday June 21st with their leaders. They tackled the wall first, getting eight team members over, the highest number so far!! They also completed organizing the books of the Bible in the OC two times this week. They have been pleased to see their hard work on the OC pay off.

The team really enjoys worshipping together in rally, the pool, and email and letter time. They work well together, and are learning to make the best of every circumstance. It has been especially rewarding for each leader to witness continual growth in the team members. They are a constant blessing, making each other laugh and encouraging each other as well.

Team Member Testimonies:

"So Boot Camp is amazing and I am loving every minute. My favorite part of every day is rally, its so much fun to get closer to God. I am so thankful to be at Boot Camp." -Aspen E.

"This week the food has been really good. Were in Advanced Evangelism, which is learning how to share the gospel in front of a large group of people. It has been very enlightening. Bootcamp has been pretty great so far. Still, I can't wait for commissioning night." -Issac B.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for continued wisdom of the leaders in making decisions.
  • Pray for modivation and encouragement for the team members as they prepare for the field.
  • Pray for team unity and the Holy Spirit to move through the team.

Hello friends and family of the South Africa team!

We are glad to say that all of our team members arrived safely to the Lord's Boot Camp. Arrival Day went smoothly.

Hello friends and family of the South Africa team.

The team has been busy down here at the Lord's Boot Camp. The team is starting to get into a groove. They enjoy spending time together, laughing and getting to know each other. They seem to be in good spirits, and are truly enjoying Boot Camp. The Leaders are grateful for their chipper attitudes!

The team has arrived safely in South Africa.

The team has arrived safely in South Africa. All of our bags and personal items made it. We were welcomed by the friendly Teen Missions staff and lovely chilly weather.

The team is on their way to the base now.

All the travel went extremely well!

Hello friends and family of the South Africa team,
All the travel went extremely well! The team handled themselves well in the airport and on the plane. Most of them took advantage of the 15 hour flight and got caught up on some much needed sleep.

South Africa Photos

The work continues!

Hello friends and family of the South Africa team,
The team has made it through a whole week of living in South Africa. The time has gone fast. The team is in good spirits, they’re excited to be here and excited for all that God has for them. Our team is blessed with so many cheerful attitudes.

Hello family and friends of the South Africa team

The week is nearly finished! The team has been faithfully working on a couple different projects around the base. They have finished painting the ceiling and the rafters. They have now started painting the interior walls of the dorm.

A Fun and Restful Weekend

Hello friends and family of the South Africa team!

We are happy to report that the team is in good spirits and health. We had such a fun and restful weekend.

The project is going well. We’re making great progress with the painting. The kids have been working hard and faithfully digging the latrines and painting. We are looking forward to starting to build new bunk beds for the dorms later this week.

Hello friends and family of the South Africa team!

The team has had a good week! They’ve been putting some solid work into the project. I think they have been encouraged by seeing the progress they’re making.

The painting has been going very well so far. The team has completely finished 2 rooms. The current students have already moved in and are enjoying their freshly painted walls and ceiling.

Hello friends and family of the South Africa team

The team has been busy with a evangelism and work projects! They have made excellent progress on painting rooms. In fact students have already moved into the painted rooms (students pictured below standing in their rooms). The work continues as we paint more rooms and play room shuffle. People moving into the finished rooms so we can paint the rooms they were formerly staying in.

Hello friends and family of the South Africa team!

The team has been hard at work! We’re so excited for how much they have been getting done. We keep thinking we’re close to done painting, then new rooms end up on the list to be painted.

The team has made 17 bunk beds. The team seems to have gotten into a groove and is getting a lot done! They’re spread out around the base doing all sorts of different jobs. From roof patching to painting a mural, the team is working hard. We’re proud of them.

Hello everyone!

The team has been blessed this past weekend with lots of fun outings and adventures.
On Friday our team got to assist the South African staff members butcher chickens. The team members were champs and handled it bravely. Even Miss Lauren slaughtered a chicken! The team helped pluck the chickens, gut them, and get them ready to be frozen for the Bible students to eat later.

We’ve been very blessed to have a few relaxing days of sightseeing!

Hello friends and family of the South Africa team,
We’ve been very blessed to have a few relaxing days of sightseeing! The team enjoyed staying at a Game Reserve Lodge. We were able to do two safaris. The kids and leaders enjoyed seeing impala, elephants, rhinos, crocodiles, wildebeests, mongooses, lions, and warthogs.

South Africa 22012 Photos