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All of your wonderful teens have arrived at The Lord's Boot Camp...

All of your wonderful teens have arrived at The Lord's Boot Camp...

HELLO Family, Friends and Supporters,
All of your wonderful teens have arrived at The Lord's Boot Camp as of yesterday!! They are truly thriving and surviving with smiles on their faces (well maybe not at 5:30). As leaders, we see so much potential in every single one of the kids on this team; we really strive to see and encourage them this summer to not rely on us, But to rely on the strength and power that the Lord is giving them!

Though Boot Camp is a tough experience, we, as leaders, have never seen so many kids laughing, smiling, and bonding so well on the second day. This group is truly a blessing to us. Yesterday,, Makayla came up with a group cheer with a couple other team members that they got to perform at rally!

This morning, as part of their morning routine, they ran the Obstacle course! All of the team members made it over the Slough today (The obstacle you have to swing across a HUGE AND DEEP puddle of water), except Ryan who took one for the team and jumped for the rope and took the sacrificial splash so that all of his team members could end up dry. Liam has basically conquered the technique of jumping for the rope almost ending up in the bushes two times! There were those who had a hard time yesterday but totally rocked it today, Olivia & Emily both overcame their hardest obstacles and Jessica and Jocelyn got over one of the hardest obstacles, the Wall, which takes so much teamwork to accomplish!

Now along with that, we see so many hard workers on this team. They not only will be defeating these obstacles on the course, but they will be breaking down the walls of obstacles that may come our way over the summer, IN JESUS NAME! We are so happy to have each and every single one of them here!
As leaders, we would like to thank all of the parents/guardians of these fantastic teens for entrusting us with your children this summer. Thank you for caring and continue to keep our team in prayer as you go about your week!

Now from some team members,
Hey ya'll! Boot Camp has been a great experience! I am learning to grow in my faith and creating great memories and friendships. It's humid, hot and I'm sweaty but I believe it will be worth it!! - Makayla

HEY everyone! Boot Camp is going well so far. I've met some awesome people and I'm having a great time growing closer with the Lord. Might be tiring, but worth it! - Ryan

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