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Times almost up, but the spirit hasn’t stopped moving yet!

Times almost up, but the spirit hasn’t stopped moving yet!

Our clinics and ministry that we are doing have been going really well! We have had the opportunity to share the gospel with so many diverse people! It’s been amazing! A lot of people have been receptive to the gospel and through that 10 people have come to accept Christ this week! Praise the Lord for He is working through us! As we praise the Lord for what He has done and what he is doing, our ministry is slowly coming to a close as we only have only two eyeglass clinics left to complete our project! So I would like to ask you guys to keep us in prayer this week and pray that the Lord would start a major revival and soften more peoples heart to the gospel! We truly know the Lord is moving!

Now after almost every clinic we eat a meal that the church or church members prepare for us. The typical meal is rice and curry and usually a sauce. Most of the kids used to eat just rice, and by most I mean Olivia, but since being in India for almost one month now all of us are enjoying the wide variety of food that they prepare for us!

To walk you A little through our day after we eat our food at the clinic we usually always get on the bus to go home. Let’s just say that the roads of India have no rules or boundaries. Cambree loves that there are no road laws and always find it funny when they make a random U-turn in the middle of a main road. But by the grace of God we always make it home safe and sound!

Ok now to switch this report up a little bit we need to talk about all the exciting things we did the other day! The 20th which so happen to be Callie‘s birthday, she said that she enjoyed her birthday so much! Our first adventure was that we got to go to a school in the morning where we got to do a presentation and put our puppet skills to the test. The whole team had so much fun during and after the presentation where they got to hang out with a lot of kids from the school for a little bit. Then after a short clinic at the church where we had been staying at we had an amazing opportunity to go to the beach and see the Bay of Bangel! It was a lot of fun to see the waves and for some of the team get a little taste of home. (East, and west coast people) then after our trip to the beach we took a quick stop at the Michiliputnam lighthouse. Everyone had the chance to climb eight stories to the top of the lighthouse, it was absolutely beautiful. You could see so much from the top, all the team members were just in awe of the beauty that the top held. What an amazing day it was indeed. To wrap this day up as if it couldn’t get any better the team wasn’t just filled with joy at the end of the day…but also KFC. But I’ll let them tell you more about that when they get home.

WOW! So many things happen this week but those are only a few of many things! To close this report I just want to say a few more things. Praise our great physician who by his mighty works healed everyone on our team. We went through a little food poisoning/stomach bug phase on the team, but no need to fret because everyone is back to 100%! Also please pray for traveling mercies as we prepare to leave for Delhi and praise the Lord that we arrived safely in Vijayawada! One last request as our trip comes to an end be Praying for our hearts to grow closer to the Lord in these last few days!

Now from the team:

India. Wow! I don’t know what to say. This country takes my breath away. With every bite of curry and the way they drive. Let me tell you, there’s no place like this anywhere in America! -Makayla

We have seen the Lord do so much the past month, on top of spiritual growth and giving out glasses, we have seen 10 people accept Christ at our clinic. 7 of them yesterday. - Kaleb

Hi family! So the past few days have been very eventful! Yesterday I got the chance to give my pink telagu Bible to 5 men who accepted Jesus. It was super exciting. We only have 2 more eyeglass clinics then we are off to Delhi. This trip’s flown by!
-Abby. S

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