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Best Day Ever!!!

Best Day Ever!!!

Hello Everyone,
It has been a great couple of days since our last report.  The best day was Wednesday, when the team was able to leave Boot Camp for our "Sightseeing" Day.  The team was able to go to Melbourne, FL & ride on airboats through the swamps.  There were 2 boats & the team was divided into three groups to go out on the airboats for an hour.  The team had a blast, saw several alligators, all kinds of birds, & heard huge bullfrogs talking to each other.  One of the highlights was the team members waiting on the dock for their turn got sprayed with water as the airboats came in.  For lunch that day, the team dined on a variety of American & Foriegn cuisine at a food court at the local mall.  As one team member put it, she loved dining at "the Lord's fast food place" aka Chick-fil-a.  We ended our "Sightseeing" by going shopping/souvenir shopping at Target.
The team is working very hard.  So hard, that the jobs we are given for the day are finished in the morning & the team has the afternoon off to relax, take a nap or swim in the pool.
KP on the 12th was James A., Ellie O., Adaya S., Adam U. & Lauren W.  The 13th was volunteer Rachel K., Jacob Q., Rio M., Geli R., & Robbie M.  The 14th was Abby W., Thomas M., Zion H., & Ethan D. The 15th was Garrison T., Hannah C., Lavender C., Chloe R., & Aiden M.
Team Devos were led by James A. & Benjamin L. on the 12th; Dainel R. & Deitrich M. on the 13th; Sarah O. on the 14th; Matthew T. & Aislynn M. on the 15th.
I only had time to interview three team members for this report, so next report will have extra.  My question was, What had God shown you while on the Dream Team?
James A. - I have learned to be grateful for what I have.
Adam U. - The plans that I make may happen or they may not.  God always chooses the path for me to follow even if it doesn't go according to the plans I have made.
Hannah C. - I have learned to trust in God & not on the plans I have made.  Things may not go the way I want, but God is in control, always.
Here are a couple of pics from our boat trip.
God Bless & Keep on praying,
Kim Marshall (backup lady leader)

For Such a Time as This

Hello from sunny, warm Florida. This is Mrs. Kim, one of the lady leaders sending this report. The Florida Dream team is doing well. We have 44 team members and seven leaders that have been chosen by God for something special this summer—just waiting to see what He has in store.

Greetings again from sunny Florida!

What a journey our team has been on, and we haven’t even left the state! We’ve been assigned to three other countries, not counting those who signed up for 2020, have had multiple flight changes, and countless other changes in our projects. These kids are continually impressing us with their willingness to work despite the circumstances.

Keep Pressing On.

The team is doing well. We are becoming more & more united as a team/family. The team members who want to do light work have been working every morning for 3 to 4 hours. The team is working on fixing up the training kitchen & other small jobs as boot camp. Team members that are not up to working yet, have been getting plenty of extra rest & relaxation.

Growing Together

The past couple of days since our last report have been good. The team continues to grow closer together. I have forgotten to mention about team devos each night. Each night team devos are led by a team member. We have started with FTM's (former team members) giving a personal testimony & a short devotion, we also have 2 worships songs. 28 June was Ethan D., 29 June was Garrison T., 30 June was Robbie M., 1 July was Ellie L., 2 July Andrew P., 3 July was Rachel K., 4 July Andrew L. & tonight will be Geli R.

Dream Team, Working Hard & Going Strong

The Dream Team is doing well. We have been blessed & enjoyed cooler weather these past few days with tropical storm Elsa. It rained off & on yesterday morning & raining this afternoon. We still manage to be able to work both days. The team is making progress on small projects around boot camp. Some of the projects are cleaning out old storage areas & either taking the "treasures" that are found to the trash or cleaning them up for use in the future. The team help tear down the old visitors' shack & carry that off. The team has also been painting hand made chalk boards that will be sent to the TMI base in Uganda in the near future.


A couple more days have passed since our last report. Everyone is in good health. The whole team was able to work 1/2 days Friday and Saturday in the cool of the morning. Our goal Monday and Tuesday is to have the whole team work a full day on both days The team is working hard on helping with improvements here at the Lord's Boot Camp. They have torn down old shower stalls at campsites, cleaned off the roofs of the walkways and cleaned out old storage spaces.

Hello everyone!

Well, this is the 2nd to the last report. We are almost done with our mission trip.