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Finishing Strong

Finishing Strong

Finishing Strong
Our last week in Caldwell Idaho.  Because we had been exposed to COVID our plans changed.  This taught us so many things.  Always trust in God's plan...Always be willing to do what is before you....have a joyful heart....let your plans go.....
This week we were still able to help at Love Inc., just in different ways than originally planned.  We did a lot of landscaping, painting, washing windows and anything else we could do to make a difference.  Tuesday, we worked a half day at Love Inc and then went to downtown Boise for some souvenir shopping and a walk around the Anne Frank Memorial.  I have been told it is the only one in the United States.  It was a fun afternoon walking and enjoying the sights of the town.  Wednesday and Thursday we worked on projects for Love Inc.   We helped fix an irrigation pipe and do some painting.  Some of the kids were able to clean windows and also sort donation items.  
Wednesday, Love Inc blessed the kids with a pizza party and ice cream for all their hard work.  On Wednesday evening, we participated in youth group with the kids we had met at camp from Caldwell First Baptist church.  
Friday will be our last work day before we start cleaning up and packing to go back to Florida for debrief.  The kids are torn as some are having a great time, but missing their families and ready to come home.  Hard to believe there is only one more week to go.  Thank you all for your prayers and support this summer.
Trace H. "Can't wait to get home.  Had fun this summer.  See you soon."
Nicole C.  "As always the food and the sightseeing days are the best!  Yesterday we went to the memorial of Anne Frank and saw a lot of things which was so cool!  Another favorite thing that I liked was the people at Love Inc.  I'm amazed how they are doing everything with the houses and money etc.  I really hope God gives them miracles to bless them.  I love seeing the positive actions/words my team mates say.  It brings a smile to my face."
Caitlyn O.  " We are finishing painting.  I am so ready to go home!  8 days, baby!"
Bridget H.  "As we wrap down our time and work here in Idaho, I'll admit I'm a little sad that it has gone by so quickly.  Nevertheless, I'm excited for debrief and everything we still have to learn.  I know that God has been working in all of our lives this summer and I have no doubt that He will continue to mold us into what He has called us to be."
Timothy S.  "My favorite part of the summer is seeing the aftermath of the work we do."
Sam K.  "1 week left.  Can't wait to get home.  But will miss Idaho and TMI.  Has been a good experience."
Alayna N.  "It has been a great time working in Idaho.  So ready to go home and not pull weeds.  Can't wait to see y'all."


Our team is 21 strong. They got busy memorizing Scripture and helping one another get organized in their tents. We experienced our first rainstorm on Registration night, but everyone has had nice dry tents!! Orientation day went well as people got to know each other better. We ran the OC for the first time that day and learned a lot. Everyone had a lot of fun, and the formation of team unity has begun! Right now, we have 11 girls and 10 boys.

Greetings from the Lord's Boot Camp!

Over the last couple days, there has been a vast improvement in our teamwork! The kids are encouraging one another and working together to improve on the Obstacle Course each day. The kids have been taking block-laying, concrete, digging, and steel tying classes in the morning.

The Idaho team is doing well at boot camp...

This week we will start some new classes. Puppets and Advanced Evangelism are new to us on the schedule along with balloons.

Finishing Strong

Today is our last day of classes! The kids have been doing an amazing job on the obstacle course working together and avoiding disqualifications. Yesterday two of the leaders ran with them and they got 17 people over the wall!

The Idaho team arrived safely there

The Idaho team made it safe and sound last night!

Welcome to Warm Lake Camp

We arrived late Sunday night to Boise and got to the church around midnight. We let them sleep in until 8:00 and had a nice breakfast provided to us from a special lady at the church.

We are starting to settle into a routine of sorts here at Warm Lake Bible Camp.

We are starting to settle into a routine of sorts here at Warm Lake Bible Camp.

A New Week Has Begun

Greetings from Idaho! It's been a relaxing weekend as we finished up our work week on Friday. The team did a wonderful job and made excellent progress on our brush clearing and wood removal projects on Friday. Even though some of the team wasn't feeling very well, everyone did their best and worked together well to help out those that were moving a little bit slower. By the end of work, everyone was ready for the fun and rest we had planned for the weekend!

Adventure in Idaho

What a week it has been so far! The kids are continuing to work hard on fire mitigation, while also preparing the cabins to be prepped and painted.

One more week at Camp

Wow! It is hard to believe that we have been on the field at Warm Lake Camp for two weeks already. Thursday we had a long work day after our day off of rafting. As we have been sharing during the campers Mission Hour, we are trying to show different aspects of Teen Missions that we use on the field.

Last Few Days at Camp

It is hard to believe that we have been at Warm Lake Bible Camp for almost three weeks now. The camp is looking amazing!

Welcome to Caldwell!

It's been a week full of change here in Idaho!

From the Heights to the Depths

This week, the team was able to experience many unexpected but wonderful things. With plans changing in regards to working with Mission Aviation Fellowship this week, we were able to do a sightseeing day on Tuesday

Beating the Heat

It was a restful weekend for the team these past few days. We were able to work at Love Inc, helping them run a garage sale in their parking lot on Thursday and Friday. The kids loved working with the wonderful staff and volunteers, as well as meeting many locals throughout the sale.