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Greetings from Pyramid, South Africa!

Greetings from Pyramid, South Africa!

Greetings from Pyramid, South Africa!

We are into our first week here and already a lot has been accomplished. The team has been working on repainting the outside of all the buildings. What a difference! They went from a cream color to burgundy and grey. It really looks nice. The base coat is on and we will be working trim and other things starting Monday. Upgrades are being done on the buildings too. The staff kids love to watch the team work and can hardly wait until free time to kick the soccer ball around with them! 

Most of us have purchased nice plush blankets to help us through this South Africa winter. At night it is in the 30s and gets up to the 50s during the day. It is really nice when the sun comes out. There are lots of areas to have campfires on the property, so we enjoy them to help us keep warm also!  We enjoyed singing around the campfire with the South Africa II team last night before we did our group devotions. Evening devotions have been a time to learn more about each other as each team member/leader takes a turn sharing what the Lord has laid on their hearts. We are getting to know each other more and know how to pray for each other. The lady leaders are enjoying the time with KP. One team member helps with making meals and doing dishes each day. 

We are also enjoying the fellowship with the staff and students here. They are a great example to us of giving everything to the Lord and trusting him. In the mornings, we are able to have chapel with them around the fire and share what God is teaching us. We had church with everyone on the base this morning and did our team presentation for them. Jessica shared her testimony. Beatrice did the wordless book explanation. Alyssa, Naomi, Paiton, Karissa, Mikala, and Caroline all did the Colors drama, with help from one of the South Africa II guys. Luke was a little congested today so didn’t feel up to being in it. The kids enjoyed the puppets also. Bekah looked after the Saber which holds the music for the drama and puppets and we sang a few songs while Mikala played her guitar. One of the BMW students who will be starting her internship soon, shared the Word of God after. We really enjoyed our service this morning.

We will try to send a few pictures sometime, but it is very expensive to send them. 

Here are some notes from the team!

Happy 4th of July everyone!

Beatrice E: South Africa is a very beautiful place although it can be quite cold. Everyone here is super nice and friendly.

Bekah D: During the first four full days of being at the base, I have learned many things. I have also met some really great staff members, students and staff kids.

Mikala P: This week was our first full week in Africa! We have enjoyed working on painting the house at the base among other activities like Bible Study. My favorite experience so far was when we were able to join the people that live here at the base in their daily chapel. It was so interesting to come together around the fire and listen to their wonderful songs and devotions. The sunsets and sunrises here are extremely colorful and vibrant, definitely an aspect I will never forget. I am excited to see what the next few weeks have in shore!

Paiton M: South Africa is beautiful and we have been able to get a lot done. Even thought not everything has been able to go according to plan, I have learned how important it is to trust God and know He will always provide for us!

Jessica W: I am so excited! I made it here in South Africa at the base, and I have already met so may wonderful people. I am having a great time and am making the best memories. I’m definitely coming back!

Naomi L: South Africa has been wonderful and I’m really enjoying here…it’s pretty cold but nice in the daytime. The BMWs are really nice and have really cute kids. We work every day but I enjoy it. I love and miss you mom and dad.

Alyssa W: We made it safely to South Africa and I’m loving it here. I definitely miss the rest of our team and all their excitement. We’ve been painting buildings almost every day, and have also been doing other small projects around. Our electricity has been off and on, and it is freezing cold in the  mornings and evenings, otherwise I’ve had a great time!

Karissa B: I’m having a lot of fun in South Africa. We have painted buildings every day and I have met a lot of super awesome people.

Luke W: We arrived in South Africa on Tuesday, well Wednesday since it was one in the morning. It took 2 days to get here and we had 3 flights. We have started to paint the base here and we have almost finished the main building. I have KP and I  made some biscuits. See you guys.

Caroline G: We made it a few days ago to South Africa. The days are warm but it gets really cold at night. We have been working on giving some buildings a fresh layer of paint. It’s been really fun so far and can’t wait to see what the rest of the trip will be.

Pazia: We’ve settled into the base and it’s been great getting to spend individual time with the team members when they’re on KP. We’ve heard some great messages from the BMWs at chapel and at our church service, and it’s been cool to hear some of the testimonies of team members as well. God is working. (love you familia!)