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Happy independence day from Iceland!!

Happy independence day from Iceland!!

We have officially been here for almost a full week. After our arrival last Tuesday morning (June 28th) We have been hard at work here, repairing a fence, clearing brush, painting fences and buildings! The team has been able to experience tremendous views of the mountains and volcanoes as well as waterfalls. We have been incredibly spoiled in every way. The Icelandic people have been incredibly hospitable and welcoming! The weather has been a vast improvement from Florida and the teens don't seem to mind the 24 hours of sun. Each night we have been blessed to hear a team member give a devotional for the team. It has truly been a blessing to hear how God is speaking to each and everyone of these kids!

Saturday afternoon we went on an outing to go swimming at a pool in a nearby town, which was a very interesting experience. Afterwards the team was able to go into a nearby grocery store where they were able to purchase Icelandic snacks and beverages. Sunday afternoon we attended church in the chapel we have been lodging in for the past week. The team enjoyed the sermon and Tate C. was asked to read Psalm 1 for the church. We concluded the afternoon with bible quizzing and a short devotional lead by Ellie K. Tonight we are planning a fourth of July celebration for the team! We will be preparing Icelandic hotdogs, and french fries.

The rest of our time here we will be preparing for Kotmot, A large conference held here. We are very excited to be helping prepare for such an exciting event!

Please pray for:
-Team unity
-Good health
-That we will be able to receive more materials for our work project

A few words from our team members:
"I like the view here in Iceland, the scenery is great! I am also enjoying the project that we have been doing. Our team can get a lot done when we put our minds to it." -Gio M.
"Iceland is really beautiful. The land is open and you can see God's beauty really clear here."-Tate C.
"Despite my initial doubts of being so far from "my comforts" This has been an experience without any distractions; which in return has been greatly rewarding."-Ella H.

Hello from Team Iceland!

The Iceland team is ready to cool down!

The Iceland team is ready to cool down! We are so excited for a change in environment! Though hot and sweaty in Florida, the Iceland team has shocked us by their incredible work ethic and their willingness to serve.

Hello from the Iceland team!

We had a weekend full of excitement! Saturday (6/18) we started drama classes as well as Advance Evangelism. In drama class we learned two full dramas and might I just say, drama is not our team's strength, but these kids truly put their all in everything that they do.

We are Finishing Strong!

Today was the final day of training, and the Iceland team has persevered. We are so incredibly proud of all 24 of these kids! We have watched them grow significantly through the past two weeks, and we are excited to continue to see them grow in Iceland this summer.

We have arrived in Iceland!

We have arrived in Iceland! After two flights, three airports and about 20 hours of travel time, the team made it to our destination in good health and with encouraged spirits.

The Iceland team has begun working on our project

The Iceland team has begun working on our project here at the camp. Attached are some pictures of what we've been up to the last couple of days. Please continue to keep the team in prayer. We ask you to pray that God will keep the team healthy. We also ask you to pray that God will bring about a strong sense of spiritual unity among us.

The teens have been hard at work on numerous work projects around base

They have completed a fence, cleared weeds and have cleaned up the area we have been staying in. Though very chilly and rainy we have been very busy! The past two days we have had groups working in the Ark. The Ark is a large unfinished building that Kotmot will be held in. This building has not been utilized since 2019 due to covid. This week the kids have begun cleaning and doing construction projects in the ark to prepare for Kotmot at the end of this month. It is amazing to see not only the work ethic of these kids, but also their diligence to the projects ahead of them.

Only 20 more days to go!

Time here in Iceland is flying by! Friday afternoon the kids were hard at work moving out of the chapel to our new temporary home. We moved up to the Skalinn building where we will be staying until Kotmot. Some of the kids worked incredibly hard getting both Skalinn and the chapel cleaned for the transition, while another group was continuing construction on the ark. Saturday was an adventure to say the least. We were given the opportunity to visit a glacier and a black sand beach.

We Have Reached the Halfway Point!

Today marks our halfway point here in Iceland, and time could not have gone by quicker! This week the team has been continuing work around camp preparing for Kotmot. They have completed drywall projects and many landscaping projects. They have been working on clearing walkways, brushing and repairing various things around camp. Maciah B. has taken on the job of fixing a bridge, as well as building a dock by where the team does laundry, for drawing water out of the stream. The Teens are ecstatic for their upcoming sight seeing day which will hopefully occur next thursday, where we will be going to the famous blue lagoon followed b y souvenir shopping. After next week, it will be all hands on deck for the event that following weekend! The team has been practicing their presentation for Kotmot, because they will be helping with the kids program, as well as hopefully the youth program! We are continuously shocked by the teens eagerness to serve! They are all truly very willing!

Hello From Iceland!!

We have been hard at work here in Iceland! This past week the team has been working on relaying paths here around camp. They have been working on many different landscaping jobs. This week they will be completing various different carpentry jobs, and next week it will be all hands on deck for preparation for Kotmot next weekend. The team is so excited to be a part of this conference, for they will be participating in children and youth programs. This past weekend the team enjoyed a load of free time where they were all able to catch up on verses and over half of the team completed their review Saturday afternoon! It is really encouraging to listen to these teens recite the word of God.

Talk about an eventful week!

These kids can truly work! The Iceland team has been working very hard this week! They have been continuing work around camp, and this week was particularly tiring. As Kotmot is coming closer the team has been doing countless landscaping projects. The past two weeks they have been relaying foot paths and they completed this week. Now the team is currently digging ne paths and laying gravel. They are picking up gravel from one location, putting it in garbage cans and dragging it to another location. They have also been sprucing up a little fire pit area.

We have reached the homestretch

Even though this is our last work week in Iceland, this is by far the week that we have been working for, because Kotmot starts on Thursday night. Kotmot is the largest christian event in Iceland and what our team have been preparing for since the beginning of our time here. Sunday afternoon was our last church service here in Iceland and Maciah B., Blaine M., Donavan C., Gracie B., Aliyah T., and Mr. Gabe all had the chance to participate in the band for worship, with Paul J. Running slides.

Only Three More Days in Iceland!

Even though our time in Iceland is coming to an end, the work here has just begun! This weekend is Kotmot! We have been preparing for Kotmot since day one of being here in Iceland and the Team is so incredibly excited and satisfied with the work that they have been able to do. All this week they have been helping decorate for the kids program and Adora W. and Gracie B. have been able to show off their artistic and creative talents. The rest of the team have been painting and finishing up drywall projects just in time for the conference. Kristjan was explaining his gratitude for our team, because apparently because of our team they are ahead of schedule! Which is very encouraging and exciting to hear!

Iceland 22008 Photos