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Hello family and friends of the Iowa Preteen team!

Hello family and friends of the Iowa Preteen team!

Hello family and friends of the Iowa Preteen team! 
The team is doing well. The kids have been very hard at work. They have been clearing trees, raking, weeding, and even cleaning up the pond. The work is hard, and tiring, but the kids are staying the course and getting the job done. 
The team had a very fun weekend. They were able to play in the gym, and go swimming in the pool. Many of the kids worked diligently on memory verses. We’re very proud of them, as they got caught up. 
The 4th of July was a day of fun fellowship and fireworks! The team did church here at the camp (our missionary spoke, and Mr. Samuel lead worship). Afterwards they had a tasty meal of grilled pork chops, potato salad and fruit salad. 
In the evening we were able to go see fireworks. The kids really enjoyed this! We were blessed with a great spot for watching them.  What was really fun was that multiple people in the area were shooting off large fireworks. Whichever direction you looked there was something exploding! It was pretty amazing!
Overall the team has had a good first week. The kids seem to be feeling a little tired of the hard work. But the leaders are coming alongside them and encouraging them, that serving the Lord can be tiring, but He is ultimately worthy. 
Thank you for your prayers and letters. They are a huge encouragement to the kids! 
Here’s some quotes from the kids about the past few days: 
Grace H: It’s been fun. There are lots of cool animals and rocks to look at. It’s also been nice to spend more time reading my Bible. 
Abby C: The work has been hard. But God has been teaching us to be diligent and work together as a team. I’ve also been growing and learning during my devotions time. 
Jayden C: It’s been fun so far. Working hard and getting a lot of work done. I also feel like I’m getting to know God better through reading the Bible. 
In Christ,
The Iowa Team 

Hello from the Iowa Preteen Team

Everyone has arrived safely for training at the Lord's Boot Camp! Today we have begun our training with Bible classes, digging class, and music. The team members are adjusting to the schedule and are getting to know one another and have begun to make friends with each othe

Hello Family and friends of the Iowa Preteen team!

Team Iowa is on their second week of Boot Camp! The team’s first week consisted of a very active schedule of classes. Every morning, the team has a Bible hour where they are learning about the armor of God, with a real, fully armored knight!

The team made it to Iowa!

The team made it to Iowa! After a night in the nice cold Orlando Airport, the team flew to Charlotte, South Carolina. We had a quick layover and then headed to our last flight to Des Moines, Iowa.

Hello Friends & Family of the Iowa team!

The Iowa team is working hard! Lots of different projects are getting started and it’s nice to see the progress around the property.

Another week of work is almost done!

Great things have happened since our last report.

The kids have started work on a sand volleyball court. They have been shoveling sand from the top of the hill and hauling it all the way down to the court. It has been tiring but they are doing a fantastic job.

Hello friends and family of the Iowa team!

Week #2 of project time is finished! The team has made it to the final week of time in Iowa. What a blessing this time has been!

The Iowa Team is in the home stretch!

It’s incredible to think that the team is nearly finished. We’re down to the last few days of work. Then it’s pack out and off to Florida for debrief!