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Hola from Costa Rica!

Hola from Costa Rica!

Hola family and friends! 
These last couple of days have been filled with awesome fellowship and excitement. On Tuesday, Ms. Lane arrived and rejoined our team. To put it simply, the team was beyond excited to see her again. They immediately bombarded her and wanted to tell her everything that has happened since they last saw her. The team has been working hard on the worksite. Major progress has been made on the classrooms. The roof is completed and they finished laying the first layer of concrete for the floor. Thursday was the teams sightseeing day. We traveled about 2 hours to the beach. For many of the team members, it was their first time in the Pacific Ocean! The beach was beautiful and the team loved playing in the ocean. After the beach, the team did a little bit of souvenir shopping. They are so thoughtful when thinking of what to buy for their family and friends! On the way back to the church, we stopped at a restaurant that had a gorgeous view of the cities in the mountains. The team enjoyed a meal of chicken, fish, beef, or pork with plantains, rice, and beans. 

The team members are very interactive in the Philippians Bible study and especially look forward to GGs (Grubby to Grace or God’s Gentlemen) where the girls and guys split for a study. The nighttime devotions have been a precious time to hear the testimonies of the team members and the devotions that the Lord is putting on their hearts. The team enjoys each other’s company and have a great time laughing together. Mr. Josiah has brought the game Versle to the team and they love trying to stump each other. Keep praying for the health and safety of our team! 

Team member Testimonies:
Sadie P.- ‘Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled’ Matthew 5:6
The team had the fun experience of going to the beach yesterday! It was raining for most of the time we were in the water, but it was a beautiful reminder of God’s strength and power! The building we have been making is nearly done. The Lord is good to those who love Him. Love you family! ‘To live is Christ, and to die is gain.’ God Bless! 

Sara H.- Hello!! It’s been great! Going to the beach was fun! Although I got a huge rash after that. It was fun swimming while it was raining. It felt cool. Food has been very good. Working with concrete was also great! I hope everyone is doing good! Hope y’all are having a good break from me. Go Wildcats! God Bless y’all! P.S. I broke my glasses 

Levi S.- Hello family. I hope y’all are having a fun time at the beach. Makai, I hope you had a great birthday. I love y’all and miss y’all. 

Ms. Abby- Hi family! We are surrounded by pretty mountains here in Costa Rica. Mr. Josiah and I were able to pick up Ms. Lane from the airport on Tuesday. The whole team was ecstatic for her to rejoin us. The other day we walked to a small store where we got to play with the kids that lives next door. They taught us a new game that we all enjoyed. It was a blessing getting to connect with community. I enjoy the time I get to spend with the kids on KP. I love and miss you guys and am looking forward to seeing you!

Costa Rica (23007)