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Honduras Boat Report

Honduras Boat Report

The team starts their day bright and early at five am with the sun already peaking over the horizon. Then they get to engage in Bible study while watching the sun rise coming over the river. The beauty of this is that as they learn about God, they see first hand His beautiful creation.

Over the last six work days, the team has completed approximately 100 yards of fencing on the BMW base here in La Mosquitia. The team has greatly improved on their steel tying abilities and their ability to make and mix concrete. 

KP has learned how to make chocolate chip cookies from scratch, lo mein and fried rice, and to turn cucumbers into pickles (this is just a few things KP has done). The KP team is learning a lot of different techniques in the kitchen on how to feed a team of hardworking, hungry teenagers. 

Overall, the team is growing spiritually and closer to each other and God each day. It is amazing to see how much they have grown over the past couple of weeks, and it will continue to be amazing to see what these kids will do in the upcoming weeks. 

Team Testimonies 
Rachel Kanagy
We were moving rocks and I was alone to move some rocks that the guys couldn’t move. I’m grateful that God gave me the strength and willpower to be here and to work hard. 

Issac Epting
When I first arrived at boot camp in my mind I thought “What da heck did I just do with my summer”. As the days went by I could feel God’s presence. And I learned what it meant to love God and worship him.

Hello Parents from soggy Boot Camp!

The team is doing well and everyone is in good health. They are united and work very well together. They are hard workers and so helpful when asked to do a task.

Hello Parents

We have been blessed with five wonderful days of no rain. We are completely dried out. The team is doing great.They have became a like a family in the first week and work well together. Four more days and a wake up until we head out.

Well, this is our last team report from Boot Camp.

The next one will be from Honduras. These past two weeks have been wonderful, hot, hard at times, but I personally would not trade them for anything. It has been a blessing to watch these 24 kids come together within a couple of days & become a family.

The teen Honduras team arrived!

The Honduras Teen Team has arrived safely with their luggage.

Teen Missions Base in Santa Cruz Honduras

We landed safely in Honduras and arrived safely at the Santa Cruz base. We are staying here through today and departing early on the morning of June 29 for the base in La Moskitia. All team members are in good health and high spirits, we are thankful to the Lord for our safety and look forward to what He has in store for us these next few days and the rest of the summer.

We have arrived safely in La Mosquitia and settled in.

We have arrived safely in La Mosquitia and settled in. Two bags were lost, but have both been recovered. Team members are all doing well in adapting to both climate and culture. Many of them are making friends with the base’s BMW students; teaching them English and learning Spanish themselves. The Lord has blessed this team with great unity and high spirits over our many days of travel.

Honduras Boat Team

The Honduras team has been prospering greatly in that which we have been doing. All the team members have been growing both as a team and individually in their walk with Christ.

Spirits are high as the team prepares to finally embark on their first boat evangelism trip!

Spirits are high as the team prepares to finally embark on their first boat evangelism trip! They have spent a lot of time practicing and preparing, but the time is finally here! Our leadership has been plagued with the question: “When can we go on the boat?” It is so relieving to finally have an answer.

The team has finally been able to go on the boat circuit!

The team has finally been able to go on the boat circuit. Everyone is super excited. We spent the weekend practicing our presentation, so that it is up to par for the children.

Greeting from Santa Cruz!

On Monday the 19th we successfully and painlessly, save a few tears leaving our new friends, relocated from the Teen Missions base in La Mosquitia to the base in Santa Cruz.

Hello from Santa Cruz!

We have successfully switched from evangelizing on the boat circuit to planting pineapples here in Honduras.