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Honduras Teens in La Mosquitia

Honduras Teens in La Mosquitia

First of all I want to apologize for the delay in our report. We have had a full with week of unexpected, extended travel and lots of rain.

We left for La Mosquitia about 4am on Wednesday morning. After driving about 5 hours on the bus, our trip came to a halt as we were driving through a town. After sitting for a little while, we found out the locals were protesting recent changes made in their government. The protest was blocking our main route, so we ended up staying there for about 9 hours. We are thankful for a local family that allowed our team to use their home for restroom breaks throughout the day. Because of the long delay and still having at least 6 hours of travel, we had to find a hotel to stay in for the night. We were able to continue our trip the next morning. After about 4-5 hours by pick up trucks and a boat, we arrived at La Mosquitia. The staff at the Teen Missions base had a nice supper waiting for our team.

Since arriving, the team had the opportunity to do their presentation at a naval base just down the road, they began their different classes and began some of the work projects at the TMI base. We hope to take our first river trip Monday morning.

Today, we walked about 20 minutes to church where the team shared their presentation, and we are enjoying some rest as we finally have an afternoon to sit outside with no rain.

Our days start early as the sun is out by 5am, then it’s dark at 6. We have a few that have colds, which isn’t surprising considering the humid, rainy weather. Please continue praying for us as serve and grow.

Here are some team members’ testimonies:

Maranatha R.
Hi people! We are here at the Honduras riverside base. We are getting excited to go share our presentation. We already did it the other day for the first time for some military people. We are going to build a fence. Today I’m on KP (kitchen patrol). I like KP. We got held up during the bus ride on the way here for 9 hours. The boys got the nice dorms, and we got the bad ones, but it’s okay, because ours are in a convenient location. We have giant cockroaches. Mom, I miss you, love you, and promise to take pictures.

Javier P.
This place has taught me a lot of things don’t be prideful and you can do anything through the Lord.

Grace C.
My oh my, what a summer it’s been. Honduras is beautiful, the locals are sweet, and the culture is exciting. We have run two presentations so far and they have gone smoothly. It’s pretty hot and sticky here but we’re all used to that by now. Family, I miss you and I love you. Happy birthday Emmalee and Ethan Core, I can’t wait to kiss you and love on you. You too Neo! See you all very soon.

Jonathan L.
We are in Honduras now, and one of the things that the Lord has showed me is that He always provides, and I have physically seen him provide.