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The teens have been hard at work on numerous work projects around base

The teens have been hard at work on numerous work projects around base

They have completed a fence, cleared weeds and have cleaned up the area we have been staying in. Though very chilly and rainy we have been very busy! The past two days we have had groups working in the Ark. The Ark is a large unfinished building that Kotmot will be held in. This building has not been utilized since 2019 due to covid. This week the kids have begun cleaning and doing construction projects in the ark to prepare for Kotmot at the end of this month. It is amazing to see not only the work ethic of these kids, but also their diligence to the projects ahead of them.

We have had very little opportunity to evangelize unfortunately, due to the understanding and view of the church here in Iceland. While we have been here we have met a young man named Carson M. He is from Kansas City and is doing his summer internship here. He explains the perception of the christian church here in Iceland.

"Christianity in Iceland is a complicated and layered topic. The religion itself is buried deep within the culture of the nation as Iceland has been a Christian nation for centuries. The track record of the Church of Iceland is not a clean one, numerous stories of sexual, substance, and religious abuse plague the image of the church in modern Iceland now. That being said, attempts at evangelism from other Christian organizations are viewed from a jaded position due to the past failures of the state church. Many Icelanders look upon these failures and ask "If these priests followed Jesus and still committed many of these heinous acts, why should I follow Him? What about my life will change?"

While this can be disheartening at times, it is important to remember that the transformative power of the Gospel is absolute and there are no people that are too far gone. The work we do here is planting seeds for Icelanders to see that our routine is worth breaking for their sake. It may take years to get through to them, but they see the work, they see the efforts and because of this, they will know that the love of Jesus is worth it. The love of Jesus compels us to serve those who do not want to be served, and it compels us to love as He first loved us."

Our Iceland team is so incredibly excited to show Jesus love through their work, and if they are given the opportunity, through their speech. Your kids have truly been spreading the love of Christ through everything that they do. Even while they clean bathrooms they are praising his name at the top of their lungs. We truly feel blessed to be serving the Lord with each and everyone of these teens!

"After two weeks of Boot Camp, and our flight here, we have made It to Iceland. While adjusting to the cold and beginning the project before us, I can feel my focus shift from myself to God, and my team. Already Gos has taught me so much through them and his word." -Bekah S

"Iceland has been really fun. It has been a great experience to encounter a different culture than America. I am looking forward to serve the Lord through our mission project, as well as our sight seeing days at the end of our trip." -Paul J

"Hey guys after 2 amazing weeks eat bootcamp (which I absolutely loved) I am here in Iceland. It's not too cold here, but I do wish I brought my beanie. Dad teaching me how to drywall and wood work has really payed off. They made me actually eat gluten free as soon as we made it to Iceland. I loved the flight here and I got really bad jet lag, I enjoy working and I enjoy using power tools. The food is amazing and we have oatmeal every morning. I've been reading the book of Isiah. Well I don't know what else to say. Long live the Iceland tribe #christisking" -Cyrus E

Please pray:
-For our work project
-For good attitudes among the entire team
-Evangelism opportunities
-Good health for everyone on the team
-Clear warm weather

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