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Today marks the last day of official Boot Camp classes.

Hello friends and family,

Today marks the last day of official Boot Camp classes and training as the next two will be in preparation for Commissioning and Pack Out day. There is an undeniable excitement in the air as the team overcame the midweek tiredness. A big factor is the rally last night, in which God used both the worship team and speaker to work with the kids and the response was incredible. They gathered arm in arm at the altar and were renewed in their desire to serve the Lord "fearlessly." Their comradery was strengthened this morning at the wall as they were able to lift most of the team members over, an exciting feat for the last day of the obstacle course. Among their favorite activities are drama classes and team building games between dinner and rally. In free time, the kids gather together and practice music while enjoying each other's company. They get to swim in the pool today, another favorite activity as it is a relief from midday heat. It is a blessing to see how the kids are always so willing to pray for and support one another. In music, they are learning a song in Spanish, "Jesucristo te ama" as well as a fun song in Swahili during the rally. They are performing their presentation today, complete with two testimonies, three worship songs, and a puppet show. Everyone is looking forward to a rainless, mosquito-less time in Ecuador to be able to share the skills they have learned here to further the kingdom of God!

Here are a few words from some team members,

"Hey Family! Here at BootCamp you really learn to trust in God, I now understand the saying "ants in my pants" If I were in a plane crash I would definitely know how to survive after Boot Camp" Natalia S.

"Hello World I'm enjoying Boot Camp and the Obstacle Course. I have had no diseases and I am surviving" Michael L.

" Boot Camp is good. The mosquitoes are bad. God is great" Thomas C.

"Boot Camp is very good. It's good for your soul" Josh L.

"Boot Camp has been good for me and helps people have a closer relationship to God." Dietrich M.

Hello from the Lord's Boot Camp!!!

It is now day three at Boot Camp and things are well underway. The team members have all arrived safely and have settled into life here in Florida. On arrival day, all the kids were excited to meet one another and as soon as their team members would arrive in the Big Top, they would play games with each other to get to know one another. There have been a few storms the last couple of days, but it makes the evenings cooler and so far all of the team members have reported that their tents are still nice and dry (Praise the Lord!).

Hello from Boot Camp!

We are well into the first week of Boot Camp and all the kids are thriving. It has been a little bit tough trying to keep dry here in Florida because it has been raining every day since the kids arrived. However, we can still say that everyone has a dry tent, praise the Lord!

Hello From the Lord's Boot Camp!

We are finishing week one and it is good to have the end in sight. All the kids can't believe that they are halfway done with Boot Camp and the idea of being in Ecuador in a week is exciting.

Ecuador Safe Arrival

The team, as well as our baggage, arrived safely to our destination after a smooth trip. The people here welcomed us with open arms and are as happy to see us as we are to see them.

Hello From Puerto Cayo!!

Now that we have been in Ecuador for a couple of days the team is really getting into the routine of life. We have been working on the property we are staying at by weeding and tearing down grassy areas that the natives are gonna use for a potential work site.

Hello From Puerto Cayo!

We have officially been here for one week and we are very excited at all that has happened here. We have been slowly improving the property where we are staying by tearing up grass and weeds, picking up trash and digging some trenches for pipes.

All is well here in Puerto Cayo!

There are exciting opportunities for work and evangelism both this week and the next that everyone is looking forward to. God bless!

All is well here in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador!

All is well here in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador! This past Saturday was a wonderful day, we were able to officially begin our evangelism in the town of Puerto Cayo.

All is well here in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador!

"God is doing great things here in Ecuador. I am having a lot of fun working, evangelizing, hanging out with friends, and eating muchos helados! I miss y'all but I will see you soon." -Savannah B.

Life is good here in Puerto Cayo!

We have had an incredibly eventful weekend. Our hosts threw us a big going away party and we celebrated our time here with around 80 kids from Manta and Pacoche.

We are excited to know that we will see you all in a little over a week!

We are excited to know that we will see you all in a little over a week! Today is packout day and we are all full of anticipation for the trip to Quito that awaits us tomorrow.