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Walk, walk, walk, in the light

Walk, walk, walk, in the light

There is plenty of painting waiting for us to tackle today. They did, however, make progress on their memory verse strategies! Caleb H. and Faith P. made it a point to memorize not only the verse and reference, but the number on the cards so that they can keep track what numbers the quiz master hasn’t used when we practice quizzing. Simon S. memorized over 20 verses in the book of Ecclesiastes to share for his turn on night devotions. Seth D. is very into his library reading book and has a hard time putting it down!
On Sunday, they took a nice walk outside of the compound. We found a little store that sold snacks and cokes. I told the kids that we may not be able to get out to the local kids to evangelize, so we should optimize opportunities like this when we can. Sure enough, the store owner was a Muslim who was already engaged in conversation about Jesus with a few South Africa 1 kids who also went on a walk. We have begun praying for the store owner and we plan to go back to visit him again. The walk to the store was very beautiful and we got to see a lot of large homes and farmland. Aaron B. bought a lollipop that was also a whistle and he enjoyed blowing the whistle at the dogs as we walked. 
 We are hopeful to maybe get out in small groups with local kids in the future and are still praying that it will be possible. 
From the team:
Donovan T-
South Africa is very brisk in the early mornings but it warms up quickly and soon I am taking off my layers. Occasionally walking to the nearest store is definitely my high point for the week.  We all miss our fallen team members Daniel and Sadie as well as our families, but not enough to leave this awesome country.
Halee C.- 
I’ve been able to talk with some of the bmw students and they are amazing! Probably some of my favorite parts of the day are chapel in the mornings and any time I get to be with the kids here. It’s really cold in the mornings but then it warms up pretty fast in the afternoons. I feel like the lord has been showing me lately about finding joy no matter the circumstances and also looking and seeking him rather than waiting for him to show himself to me, which he still has though in sweet small ways. I love it here in South Africa and I’m loving all the sweet moments that I have with my team. We’ve been painting everyday and I sometimes get a little tired of doing the same things everyday but I can see how The Lord is working through our team even through painting. I love getting to talk with my team mates and getting to know them better! I miss home a little but I feel peace and a love for the people of South Africa!

Greetings from South Africa 2!

Our team has learned to adjust quickly right away, having had to switch from Uganda to South Africa a week before Boot Camp. Because of that, we decided that our team call before we count off would be:

South Africa II

It is the fifth day of Boot Camp and we are all getting the hang of things. Everyone has been getting to the classes and getting up on time. The team has been doing really well on the morning Obstacle Course (OC), The team has continued to get everyone over the Wall. All of the classes have gone great and the kids have been learning a lot of things they can use in South Africa and later on in life. They have continued to grow as a team and have been bonding well together. They had a fun cheer to share at rally last night for all of Boot Camp and everyone loved it.

Our first week of Boot Camp is complete!

Woot Woot! We have learned all of our construction skills and are now focusing on evangelism skills such as puppets, balloons, drama, Sunday school lessons and advanced evangelism.

Greetings from South Africa

Greetings from South Africa . Both teams have arrived at the base they traveled good and are in good heath. They are now sleeping.
Robert and Dorah Yoder
Is 41:10

We made it!

Our team project has changed, as the South Africa president closed travel between provinces. That means we can’t go to the school, but that we will be serving alongside the other South Africa team at the Teen Missions South Africa base. The kids adjusted well to that news, as they’ve had plenty of practice adjusting to changes in plans.

Stories from South Africa 2!

Our team has been knocking out the work projects here on the base! We’ve almost finished painting the large guest house, so we’ve begun painting several other buildings on the base. They are painting the concrete a maroon color and the bricks grey. We are waiting on supplies to finish construction on the building we took the roof off of, but it is prepped and ready to go. The ladders we use here are different than the ones we use in the USA, so some of the team members, like Abby S., are a little nervous to go up the ladders to paint. They are all conquering their fears though.

A taste of freedom

Painting, painting, and more painting! Whether it’s a small brush painting the cracks between bricks, or the roller covering a large space on a wall, our team has been diligently painting day after day.

Healthy and Strong!

Coming to you today healthy and strong! Everyone is feeling great and working hard on the job site. While we are (you guessed it) still painting away at all the buildings on the base, we’ve also had a few side projects to break up the painting. A big tree was presenting a problem with where it was growing, so some professionals came and cut it mostly down. We had a fun time watching them take the tree down!

A Fun Filled Weekend

The ban on large groups is still in effect here in South Africa and our team has been itching to get out and evangelize

Safari Trip

The excitement was tangible first thing Tuesday morning as the kids tried to keep themselves focused on working. They knew that after lunch, we were immediately leaving to have our sight-seeing adventure!

The Roof is on!

Friday morning, our team stopped painting and began replacing the roof we took off the first week we were here. Each team member took a turn screwing in the metal sheets. They worked hard and finished the entire roof project in one day! They were so excited to get to do something different and to try out new construction skills.

Sunday School Circuit

We were blessed with the wonderful opportunity to go on a Sunday School Circuit on Tuesday! Now that the president has opened the country, Teen Missions in South Africa has resumed their outreach programs.