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What a relaxing Sunday here at the Lord’s Boot Camp.

I know that doesn’t sound like Boot Camp, but it was a much-needed change of pace and we were still busy doing things! We changed tent partners, had our team photos taken, learned verses went through the Teen Missions Display Room, and spent time in the pool. The Display Room was interesting because it showed us all the countries that Teen Missions works in and the various ministries in those countries. Tonight after rally, we are going to watch a movie and have popcorn.

Yesterday was milkshake and pizza night. The shake was chocolate and it was creamy. Yum! The pizzas were in the shape of alligators and were sooo good! Thanks to all those who worked so hard to feed us the special meal last night.

As we move into this second week, please pray for the final four days of classes, then Friday we take down some of the Big Tops and OC, then pack out on Saturday. Commissioning night is coming sooner than we think!

Here are some testimonies of how Boot Camp is going. We are blessed by how the Lord is working in the team members’ and leaders’ lives!

Rebecca D.—Boot Camp has been teaching me patience and trust. I’ve met people from different teams. Some in the bathroom, some on the OC! When I came back from counseling, I had teammates ready and willing to be there for me.

Alyssa W.—I love the devotion time that they provide. It allows me to have plenty of time in God’s Word and I feel like I have already grown so much from it.

Caleb E.—Hey mom and dad and all, I am doing great! Our team is bonding well and I’m having a great time.

Ben L—I see God in the team I am on. The South Africa team is doing great. I was having trouble learning and memorizing the verses. I suddenly felt a very energizing push. Our team is constantly getting faster and better on the OC. I can see that God is working in our team.

Luke W—The Lord’s Boot Camp is a place that surrounds you in a Christian environment and it also makes you think about what you are going to do with your life. At Boot Camp we have slept in tents, washed our clothes in a bucket, and have also run an obstacle course every day. We have rallies at night and I have learned a lot about God. I'm trying to figure out how to find God’s will for my life.

Mikala P—Something God has taught me during Boot Camp is that sometimes you need to get comfortable being uncomfortable in order to do His will. He has shown me that perseverance doesn’t always come easily but good things are around the corner like the team unity that we have achieved so quickly.

James A—During Boot Camp, many things have happened. I’ve learned lots about God, and many other things as well. I’m also improving my time on the Obstacle Course. Boot Camp has taught me to endure through anything that comes my way, even when it’s hardest.

Elijah J—I’ve learned many things at Boot Camp. I have learned how to properly dig, build a corner piece for a wall, make and pour concrete, make a sword out of a balloon, and many more things. I have also deepened my relationship with Christ and learned to create a habit out of devotions. I’ve also learned how to quickly memorize verses and maintain them as I learn more and more.

South Africa team is all here...

We ran the OC during Orientation yesterday and did well working together as a team. We have had some crazy thunderstorms here, but that helps cool things off! Today is the first full day of our Boot Camp schedule which includes digging, carpentry, dramas, music as well as free time and bath and laundry.

Greetings from the South Africa team!

This morning’s free time was spent bringing mulch into the campsite so we can dry out the area in front of the tents. Our tents are staying pretty dry inside as we have new tents this year! We continue to have some heavy rains in the afternoons so pray that our clothes and everything will dry out!

South Africa I

We are on the last day of training here at the Lord’s Boot Camp.

We have learned so much this past few weeks; it hasn’t all been easy, but the Lord has brought us through. It has been nice to have a few dry days to get our clothes dried. The next few days we will be taking down Boot Camp, and packing to go to South Africa. We have prayer closet

Greetings from South Africa

Greetings from South Africa . Both teams have arrived at the base they traveled good and are in good heath. They are now sleeping.
Robert and Dorah Yoder
Is 41:10

South Africa has arrived safely!

South Africa has arrived safely!

Greetings from Pyramid, South Africa!

We are into our first week here and already a lot has been accomplished. The team has been working on repainting the outside of all the buildings. What a difference! They went from a cream color to burgundy and grey. It really looks nice. The base coat is on and we will be working trim and other things starting Monday. Upgrades are being done on the buildings too. The staff kids love to watch the team work and can hardly wait until free time to kick the soccer ball around with them!

Greetings from South Africa!

Greetings from South Africa! We are thankful that we are able to be here and we are constantly reminded that that the Lord has a purpose for us here. We have really enjoyed getting to know Robert, Dorah and the staff and students. They are so thankful that the team is here and for the fellowship. Morning devotions with the staff and students (after our personal devotions), continues to be a highlight in starting our day. Painting continues on all of the buildings. We were able to make our first trip off the property, just down the road to the little store to get soda and candy.

Web Report: South Africa

What a fun week we have had between painting the buildings and spending time with the staff and students. The buildings continue to really look really nice. First we have to wash and scrap the bricks and any chipped paint off the walls. We are painting them burgundy and grey. Nothing like a new coat of paint to make things look new!

Greetings from the South Africa team.

We have had a busy few days and we are excited to share them with you!

We are packing up to head home tomorrow!

Today is a day you look forward to but also feel bad about. We are packing up to head home tomorrow, but we will miss the staff and students here at the base. We are looking forward to heading to Debrief and seeing our families, but we will leave a “family” behind here also. We have had a great time getting to know the TMI South Africa staff and students and know better how to pray for them as we go home.