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The team is working hard during this last week of boot camp

The team is working hard during this last week of boot camp. The whole team has been learning new skills and been able to grow in their knowledge of the inner workings of boot camp here in Florida. We asked the team for a "weather update" on boot camp:

- Joseph B "Greetings from the Zambia Leadership Development Team. The past two weeks here have been super fun, but also challenging. The first week the team had our training and classes. After that the rest of the teams arrived and we got to help run the main boot camp. The weather here is humid, as usual, but the mosquitos have not been bad. The work is hard, but it is really fun getting to bless the team members and staff here. Our team is getting along really well and we are growing as a team. I am looking forward to see what God has in store for the rest of the summer."

- Garrison T "Being on the leader development team has been great. I love being on the helping side of teen missions. Just helping new kids has been my favorite part."

- Grace C "I'm so so happy! I'm having an amazing time teaching music classes and I'm learning a lot! The food is good and the sun is hot but I'm loving it. Missing home and my people too. Bye!"

- Melissa C "It's day 14 and we have been quite busy. During the first week we had our boot camp and slept in tents, bucket bathed, and also used buckets to wash our clothes. I am grateful for the fact that it didn't rain once during that week until the night of our commissioning and by then we had already moved into the dorms. After that we welcomed the other teams and guided them to their respective leaders. I love my small team of 12 and how close we've become despite only knowing a few from past teams. We've been split up 2 by 2 into different classes, mine being puppets and it's been so fun. Praise the Lord that TMI was able to hold missions this year. The mosquitos haven't been that bad this year and I've been enjoying my time here."

- Joel M "Boot camp is difficult and challenging, but has shown me leadership skills I can apply into my life at home and on the field serving the Lord."

- Ethan D "The leader development team is a really exciting team. We all have the opportunity to see behind-the-scenes of boot camp, and help the staff and volunteers run boot camp. I highly recommend the LDT to anyone who is thinking about leading in the future or who just wants to see more of TMI."