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Zambia LDT

This week is going great.The team has been helping in rally all through boot camp and last night their jobs ended early and they were able to get some extra sleep. The whole team and leaders enjoyed that.

This is the rest of the team's weather report:

Kenai A "Boot camp has been pretty cool. I am working in the video department and have been learning a lot about cameras. I'm also working in the boot camp store during our free time which has been pretty fun. Mother, can you send me pictures of the cats, I miss them.

Robby M "Boot camp has been good I genuinely love my team we all have been learning so much. Can't wait to get to the field."

Peter G "Boot camp has been really incredible so far! The leader-development-team has been a never-ending train of new experiences! I've had a lot of fun along the way! I've made so many new friends, both team-members and staff, as well as my leaders. The dorms have been especially nice! We are getting a lot done, and I am so happy to be here!"

Josiah W "I finished the first week of teaching puppets class. I help lift preteens over the wall."

Gabby H "This boot camp has been great. I feel well slept all the time. As the close of the second week approaches I am feeling tired of the Florida weather and am ready to go to Zambia, but we have one more week left. I'm ready to be done but I'm happy to be with my team we are getting along really well so far.

Isabelle D "Leadership development has been an amazing experience so far. Our team is really small (only 12 people) and we help out all over boot camp. Me and Garrison help in the drama class because we're the most dramatic on the team. It's been amazing going through colors and battle ground with all the teams. I'm loving boot camp more than I ever have before this year.

Zambia Leader Development Team!

The team arrived over a week ago and what a ride it has been! Our team has eight boys and four girls. They all knew one another from previous teams and most had been on one or more teams together.

Hello from Florida Boot Camp!

he Leadership Development Team has been helping run Boot Camp by working in different areas and learning to lead some classes. Isabelle D and Garrison T have been working with the Drama Classes. Melissa C and Josiah W have been helping with the Puppet Class.

The team is working hard during this last week of boot camp

The team is working hard during this last week of boot camp. The whole team has been learning new skills and been able to grow in their knowledge of the inner workings of boot camp here in Florida. We asked the team for a "weather update" on boot camp: