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Zambia team is excited to report that we are all safe and healthy!

Zambia team is excited to report that we are all safe and healthy!

Pouring Concrete 
Zambia team is excited to report that we are all safe and healthy!
Tomorrow we are planning our first trip into town since our arrival. The team is excited! We are also looking forward to our first close interaction with the staff and students here at the Zambia base.
On Sunday we again held our own service in a big outdoor tent. The team performed music and drama and puppets. Jen and Mari shared awesome testimonies and Josiah, Kenai, and Matt Bower shared messages from God‘s Word about abiding in Christ. In the afternoon the team reviewed verses and held a quiz off. Izzy worked to teach the team a new drama called ‘cage’.
Last Night the team had an awesome devotion time with worship led by Grace and Franchesca with help from Izzy… and with Asher playing the guitar. Peter G shared his testimony.
Today the team is continuing to dig the footer on the big building. We were glad to hear that the inspector has approved the foundation trench on the ablution block building. We plan to begin pouring concrete this afternoon!
From team members:
As the days go by, I am growing closer to the new teammates I gained when joining onto the other team and I am also saddened by the thought that I only have nine more days at the base. I feel God working this summer. His plans are not our plans and I quickly had to adapt to the changes he has thrown our way. I’m happy to be on this team and for the opportunity to serve the Lord. I love seeing the progress at the worksite and the changes made every day to get us closer to the end goal. Miss Gay says if we work any harder she’s going to run out of food to feed us, we are working hard and eating lots. I can’t wait to see what God does next.
 Gabby H.
Hello there! We have been in Zambia for 12 days now. It’s hard to believe it’s been this long, the time has flown by. We just started pouring the concrete foundation for the bathroom we are building. It is hard work, but it is exciting to see the beginning of the building coming together. Soon will be able to leave the base and evangelize to the local people. I am very much looking forward to that. This summer has been full of challenges and many changes, but God is faithful and has been with us the entire time. Though I would not have chosen the changes that have happened, I am grateful for them because through them I have grown more and gotten to meet a bunch of wonderful new teammates. A huge thanks to everyone who has been praying for us!
Joseph B.
Hello from Ndola! Life is so good. We started pouring concrete in our meter deep trenches today. Now our building can start going up rather than down. Tomorrow we will be able to go out to the mall for snacks! LDT has about two weeks left till we leave for our debrief. We are super sad to be leaving our team but excited to see the team we left behind in Florida. OK got to go bye!
Grace C

Excited to be together!!!

Our team of 12 girls and 12 guys all arrived by Saturday evening. From the beginning, the team seems to be working together and enjoying each other's company. On Orientation Sunday we learned more about what is to be expected over the next two weeks of Boot Camp. Monday was our first day of actual training. Our team enjoyed learning how to mix concrete and lay blocks and were able to get some evangelism training in drama and music classes.

Growing Stronger Every Day

One of our highlights happened first thing this morning (Wednesday) when we ran the Obstacle Course. The last obstacle that we do as a team is the Wall. It is a 12-foot wall that is completely flat on the front. It takes the entire team to boost and pull each teen over the wall. morning the team celebrated as they got 12 over. It is exciting to see them growing closer together and learning to work as a team.

Awesome Weekend at Boot Camp!

On Saturday, our team had a normal training day of classes. We continued with music class and began our new classes in Advanced Evangelism (learning how to share God's Word) and Puppets (learning how to share God's love through puppets).

Greetings! Wonderfully Blessed

Following our original itineraries 19 of our team safely arrived in Washington Dulles and we are blessed by a host of believers in the area,...

Team Zambia arrived safely this afternoon with all of our bags!

Team Zambia arrived safely this afternoon with all of our bags!

Hello from Zambia!

Hello from Zambia, we’ve been here a few days and are getting used to the time change. After a long night of rest the team got to get a tour around the Ndola base and see the BMW projects and gardens.

Hello from Zambia

We are working on two buildings here in Ndola and the team is making great progress. The footer on the ablution block is already down to our shoulders in most places. On Sat evening the team enjoyed some group games for fun night. Even though we couldn’t leave the base on Sunday we were able to do our own small service and it gave us a chance to work on our team presentation. We caught up on versus on Sunday afternoon and enjoyed quizzing with quite a few getting their first quiz-

Laying a Solid Foundation

Hello from team Zambia!

We have been making great progress on the work site. We are digging a foundation and will be able to pour concrete after the inspector comes.

Growing Closer

Team Zambia Has completed pouring the concrete foundation and is now laying the blocks back up to grade. Gabby, Jack, Josiah,Kenai, Jen, Lacey, Izzy, Mari, and Franshesca, have all layed block, putting their training to good use . Peter, Joel, Albie, Samara, Grace, Jonathan and Joseph have worked on mortar and concrete mixing. The trenches on the larger building are getting closer to completion as well.

Visiting Victoria Falls

It has been a hectic few days for Teen Zambia with many exciting experiences packed in a short period of time. The team spent 12 hours on the bus on Wednesday traveling from to Livingstone for our sightseeing.

Nearing the Finish Line

After an amazing sightseeing trip we are back at the Teen Missions base in Ndola. We dropped the nine Leader Development team members of our group and leader Peter in Lusaka for their flight to Debrief. It took some getting used to having a smaller team, and we had to fix our count off :-).

On the Move!